Which Dog Day School Program Is Right For My Dog?

Looking for dog day care? Not sure which of our Dog Day School programs is right for your dog? Don't worry–we've got you! Take our super quick quiz to find the best fit for your pup. 

Our Dog Day School Programs

Puppy Head Start

Focused on socialization, puppy manners, how to learn and play, potty training, and more. Class begins at age 8 weeks.

Day Care 101

A short term program for dogs who are not ready for day care or Dog Montessori School just yet. Focuses on the fundamentals necessary to thrive in a group setting, like sharing, conquering separation anxiety, and mastering structured rest time.

Dog Montessori School

A totally new way to do day care, focusing on your dog's unique physical, mental, and emotional needs. Perfect for dogs who thrive in group settings and have mastered the fundamentals.

Mini Mondays @ Dog Montessori School

Our Dog Montessori School program, exclusively for adult dogs under 8 lbs.

Enrichment 1:1

One-on-one enrichment customized to your dog's interests. Perfect for dogs who prefer humans to other dogs. For dogs who thrive on mental stimulation, it can also be an excellent supplement to Dog Montessori School.