Fear Free, Force Free


Patrick’s Pet Care is the only fear free certified grooming salon in Washington, DC

What is fear free grooming?

The Fear Free Experience

  • Relaxed and spa-like
  • Fun and comfortable
  • Certified fear free groomers
  • Staff trained to recognize and avoid stress
  • Rest, potty time, and treats included
  • Watch it all on HD webcam or Facetime
  • No forced restraints
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No hot or burning equipment
  • Guest love and trust their groomer
Program Details
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  • Hypo-allergenic bubble baths
  • Nail trimming
  • Brushing, dematting, and deshedding
  • Teeth brushing and ear cleaning
  • Haircuts and styling to breed standard
  • External gland expression
  • Transportation available
What makes us special

Patrick’s Pet Care is the only fear free certified grooming salon in Washington, DC

The Fear Free Groomer Certification Program enables us to use Fear Free concepts to ensure that the grooming experience is as enjoyable as possible for every pet, every time. We take our time to meet the individual in front of us where she is to teach our guests to love the grooming table, clippers, the bathtub, the blow dryer, grooming shears, the groomer’s loop, and more.


Live HD Webcams

Watch the whole process


Rest, Treats, and Potty Time Included

We go at their pace to avoid stress


Transportation &
Curbside P/U

We can save you time

Certified Fear Free Groomers

Our guests trust us, and we respect them


Digital Report Card & Health Report

We'll check them over and flag anything we find


Simple Flat Rate Pricing

Pick one service or pick them all: One rate covers them all!

Ready to Start?

New Customers

Basic Requirements
  • Free, Scheduled, 15-minute virtual "Meet the Groomer"
  • Age: 12 weeks – 12 years
  • Weight: 8-85 lbs
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