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Dog Montessori School

Patrick's Pet Care offers a totally new way to do day care, focusing on your dog's unique physical, mental, and emotional needs. Think of it as a Dog Montessori School.

What Makes it Special?
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Patrick’s Pet Care is the respected doggy day care facility in Washington, DC.

What we do

Thriving Dogs

A structured daily program focused on:

Physical fulfillment and exercise

Mental stimulation

Emotional well-being

Rest to recharge

Supervised Play

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What makes us special

Patrick’s Pet Care Leads the Pack!

Patrick's Pet Care offers amenities that give your dog the ideal home-away-from-home experience. Our Columbia Heights location is the only dog day care in the city that caters exclusively to small dogs (10 -to 25 lbs). Our Brookland location has distinct play areas for tiny, medium, and large-sized dogs (8-85 lbs).

Our socialization centers allow your pup to connect with new furry friends, while receiving individualized care and attention from the loving, professional, and highly-trained caretakers that Patrick's Pet Care is known for. 

Watch your dog whenever you want through one of our live webcams


Dog Walking Included

All of our day care guests get outdoor walks

Transportation &
Curbside P/U

We can save you time

Staff to Dog Ratio

Patrick's Pet Care provides the lowest dog to staff ratio anywhere in DC: 10 to 1

Staff Dog Trainers

All the staff at Patrick's Pet Care are force-free certified dog trainers
Monthly customers get all sorts of awesome things!
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Basic Requirements for Montessori School

  • Scheduled, All Day Behavior Assessment
  • Age: 6 months – 12 years
  • Weight: 8-85 lbs
  • Vaccinations: Rabies; DHPP / DAPP; and Bordetella
  • All dogs Must be spayed/neutered
  • No poultry allergies (chicken or lean turkey heart) of any kind
  • No resource guarding
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Locations & Schedules
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  • 30-Minute Walk M/W/F & Day Care T/R
  • 30-Minute Walk T/R & Day Care M/W/F

Specialized Care: Puppies & Seniors

Learn more about puppy socialization and senior visits here

Looking for more?

Additonal Services

In addition to Montessori School, we also offer grooming by fear-free certified groomers, as well as force-free purely positive dog training. You can also balance your dog's week by doing a combination package of dog walking from your home on some days and Montessori on other days.
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Our Locations

(202) 630-7387

Columbia Heights
3303 11th Street NW
Washington, DC 20010

3509 12th Street NE
Washington, DC 20017

Dog Walking & Dog Training Office
Columbia Heights
3400 11th Street NW, Ste 200
Washington, DC 20010

Monthly Package

Being a monthly customer provides additional perks including:

  • Complimentary Morning Keurig Coffee
  • Priority Scheduling for Available Spaces at Montessori School
  • One Complimentary Bath Per Month
  • Complimentary Early Drop off or Late Pick Up
  • Unrestricted HD Webcam Access
  • Holiday and Event Perks
  • Complimentary 15 Minute Virtual Dog Training or Behavior Consultation with Patrick
  • Complimentary Delivery of your Big Bad Woof Pet Food/Supply Order
  • Priority Scheduling for Dog Training
  • 1 Community Sponsorship Nomination
  • 3 Community Sponsorship Votes 

Meet the Founder

About Patrick

Patrick founded Patrick's Pet Care in March 2012 as a dog walking company in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC. His values for operating a pet care business are based on a genuine love of animals, a commitment to do the right thing, and a personal approach to meeting the needs of all the animals and people who depend on Patrick's Pet Care. 

His journey to start a Montessori school for dogs began in Luang Prabang, Laos in 2018 when he visited Mandalo Elephant Conservation and met with the project director, Prasop Tipprasert. Prasorp explained that the elephants at the non-riding conservation are asked (not told) what to do, and are rewarded (with bananas) for doing what they were asked. The entire operation was based on choice, consent, and education. Most importantly, it placed the well-being of the elephants first. Patrick’s experience at Mandalo reminded him of growing up in New England, where choice based Montessori programs provided an alternative (and ridiculed at the time) option for educating children. He wondered if the two could be combined with his love of dogs, and the model for Patrick’s Montessori School for Dogs was born. 

Fundamentally, Patrick aims to create thriving relationships between people and their canine companions, using science and consent based methods without fear, pain or force. Patrick is a certified force-free dog trainer, certified fear-free dog groomer, and a Certified Professional Animal Care Operator (CPACO).