Past Scholarship Recipients

At Patrick’s Pet Care, we believe in hiring from the communities where we serve and in investing in our people. In addition to paying everyone a DC living wage, one way we do this is by providing professional development, continuing education, and training opportunities for staff to develop knowledge and skills that can lead to advancement in their careers and allow Patrick’s Pet Care to provide the latest science-based, fear-free, force-free service to the animals in our care.

We’ve done this and believed in it since we began in 2012. Since we opened, more than a dozen members of our staff have benefited from our scholarship program.


You have to pay rent and feed yourself, so you don’t always have the opportunity to pursue your dream. And with Patrick’s, I was able to do it and have the opportunity to go to some of the best dog training programs around. It’s honestly been amazing. I don’t think I would have had the chance to do this myself.

Nikita Poe

Meet Our Past Scholarship Recipients