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Small Group Training Classes

In our group dog training classes, you and your dog work together, with our force-free certified trainer's support and guidance.

Key Services:

Small Group Dog Training Classes

Our Group Classes are held in-person once per week at our Brookland facility. To ensure every participant receives the attention, guidance, and support they need during the class, each class is limited to a maximum of six people.

Basic Manners and Life Skills


Location: Brookland Facility 

Looking for a group class to help introduce your new dog to the basics of dog training? Look no further!

This 6 week course covers good manners like Sit, Down, Wait, Recall, Loose Leash Walking, and more to set your dog up for success in their day-to-day life.

Our force-free certified trainers have developed a tried-and-true curriculum to ensure you and your dog get the most out of each week’s class! To graduate, you must attend all six classes. Upon graduation, you will receive a certificate of completion for your dog and access to our Advanced Manners class.

Pricing Details:
  • 6-Week Course: $350
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Fundamentals for Puppies & their People


Location: Brookland Facility

This 6-week course offers a safe environment for puppies to socialize and learn. Each week your puppy will learn a new training fundamental, explore new objects and situations they will face in everyday life, and you will go home with the skills to prevent unwanted behaviors from forming.

Your course will be taught by two of our force-free certified dog trainers, including our Puppy Specialist.

Our Fundamentals for Puppies and their People course is designed for puppies between the ages of 8-16 weeks because this is a crucial developmental period for your puppy. As long as your puppy is healthy and has their first round of vaccines, we encourage you to enroll in our group class!

Pricing Details:
  • 6-Week Course: $600
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AKC Canine Good Citizen Prep


Location: Brookland Facility

Our 6-week AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) group class covers everything you need to successfully pass the CGC test! At the end of the 6 weeks, you will be given the opportunity to take the test!

The AKC CGC test requires a 100% passing grade, however, if you miss one item, you can retest right there and then.

Pricing Details:
  • 6 Week Course: $400
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Free Pre-Puppy Information & Education Class


Location: Virtual

Thinking about getting a puppy? Not sure if you want to adopt at the shelter or purchase from a breeder? Not sure what you're getting yourself into? This 90 minute virtual class is offered once a month to prospective puppy parents looking to buy or adopt a puppy, but do not have the puppy yet.

The class covers topics including:

  • How to select a breeder
  • What to look for in a puppy at the shelter
  • How to evaluate a puppy at a shelter
  • How to set you and your puppy up for success from day one
  • How to select a trainer, groomer, and veterinarian

The class will also cover the most important DO's and DONT's that Patrick has observed after working with dogs professionally for more than ten years.

The class is intended for those who do not have the puppy and do not have a specific individual puppy in mind just yet. If they get a puppy, it'll be 8-12 weeks old when they do! The course includes 30 minutes of question and answer.

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Does your pup need help overcoming fears associated with grooming? Short on time, but hoping to help your pup with socialization and impulse control?

We offer a wide range of other training options through our Drop & Train and Private Consultation services.

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The Fear-Free, Force-Free Training Experience

Patrick’s Pet Care is the only fear-free, force-free, independently certified dog training team in Washington, DC.

We foster thriving relationships between people and their canine companions by creating an experience rooted in a genuine love of animals, a commitment to force-free practices, and a comprehensive, personal, science-based approach to dog training and behavior.

Our department is founded on the education of animal behavior luminaries such as Karen Pryor, Victoria Stilwell, Pat Miller, Patricia McConnell, Ian Dubnar, and Prasorp Tipprasert, as well as the research of world class institutions including the Duke University Canine Cognition Center, The Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh, and the Mandalao Elephant Conservation.

We are members in good standing of both Fear Free® Pets and the Pet Professional Guild.


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What Makes Us Special?

No Shock, No Prong, No Choke

All of our trainers are Pet Professional Guild members and adhere to its guiding principles: respect, do no harm, do good, act fairly.

Fear, Force &
Pain Free

Our code of ethics is based on a least intrusive, minimally aversive effective behavior intervention policy.


The knowledge and skill of our trainers is independently certified by the leading certification programs in the industry.


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