What is Enrichment 1:1 Day Care?

Enrichment 1:1 Day Care is for dogs who only enjoy human interaction and mental stimulation guided by humans, without other dogs

Why we created Enrichment 1:1
What we do

Enrichment 1:1 is a unique experience formed around your dog's enrichment needs in a stress-free, one on one environment. We understand that not every dog likes to be around other dogs, but every dog likes gratifying activities and positive reinforcement, and that’s why we made this class. In Enrichment 1:1, each dog is paired with a trained caretaker for an hour long, action-packed session.

In Enrichment 1:1, we focus on your dog as an individual, and introduce activities that will provide your dog with a positive experience that will engage their body and mind. This is a great way to achieve the enrichment levels of our Montessori School, while keeping the dogs comfortable in a solo environment.

Enrichment is a necessary factor for your dog’s mental health, which when applied, can reduce stress, and address other behavior problems.

We can also help you construct safe weekly enrichment schedules to make sure your dog has activities planned for every day!

A structured daily program focused on:


Physical fulfillment and exercise


Mental Stimulation


Emotional well-being


Rest to recharge


Supervised play with humans only

Day Care 1:1 Program Goal

Day Care 1:1 Program Goal

Our Enrichment 1:1 program is for dogs who thrive in a solo environment. We provide a safe and loving environment - away from other dogs - where this type of pup personality can be cherished and loved in a safe environment that promotes mental and physical stimulation. Simply put, it is 1 Human and 1 Dog. Our goal is to provide enrichment safely, not to change behavior because the dogs who come to this program are great dogs, they just are reactive toward other dogs and that is just who they are. It may never be appropriate for these dogs to be in a group dog day care setting, and that is okay.

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What makes us special

Canine Enrichment without other dogs

Patrick's Pet Care offers a unique Montessori program for the dogs who simply can’t be around other dogs, but who deserve enrichment and a fulfilling life just like any other dog.

Watch your dog whenever you want through one of our live webcams


Staff to Dog Ratio

Patrick's Pet Care has the lowest dog to staff ratio anywhere in DC for this program: 1 to 1


Staff Dog Trainers

All the staff at Patrick's Pet Care are force free certified dog trainers, and trained in bite prevention


No Shock, No Prong, No Choke

All of our 1:1 staff are members of the Pet Professional Guild and adhere to its guiding principles: respect, do no harm, do good, act fairly, keep promises

Is it a good fit?

The 1:1 Enrichment Program is perfect for:

  • Dogs who love human interaction
  • Dogs who enjoy using their minds and bodies
  • Dogs who do not like other dogs
  • Dogs who are reactive to other dogs
  • Dogs who have resource guarding behaviors
  • Dogs who may have been asked to leave other dog day cares
  • Dogs with a history of stress-related behaviors or incidents from being over stimulated in a group setting
  • Dogs that exceed our Montessori School’s 85lb weight limit

The 1:1 Enrichment Program is NOT the best fit for:

  • Dogs who thrive in group settings
  • Dogs who are already in Montessori School
  • Dogs who have bite histories with humans
  • Dogs who are fearful of humans
  • Dogs who have separation anxiety
  • Dogs who have destructive tendencies 
  • Dogs who have house training challenges
  • Dogs who have been deemed “Dangerous” under DC law § 8-1901
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