Training Walks

Are walks with your dog a struggle? Training walks are designed to help your dog walk calmly on a loose leash. 

About Our Training Walks


Just like Day Care 101 gets your furry pal ready for Dog Montessori School, our Training Walks help correct any behavioral issues your dog may experience on walks–making your life easier and making it possible for them to enroll in our Enrichment Dog Walks!

  • Continue your existing training plans to address on-leash reactive behaviors, loose leash walking, and basic manners
  • Maintain and reinforce wanted behaviors, such as stopping and sitting at crosswalks, and reinforcing cues like “leave it” in order to keep your dog engaged and well mannered.
  • 45 minutes long
  • 6-hour service window between 10:00 am-4:00 pm, at a time based on your location and scheduling preferences
  • Sold as individual walks or in packs of 10
  • Session is done by a Training Apprentice. Our training apprentices are in the process of becoming certified force-free dog trainers and are qualified to follow instructions and execute training techniques and protocols to ensure there’s a seamless transition from private training to real-world walks

Our Training Walks can be performed as a standalone service, or can supplement your private or group training sessions to achieve your training goals. If you are enrolled in training sessions with us, the apprentice will continue training by following our trainer’s force-free instructions and protocols to ensure your dog is reinforced in the same manner to achieve the desired behaviors.

We can also continue external trainer protocols and exercises to keep the training plan consistent (as long as they align with our Fear, Force & Pain Free philosophy). If our Training Apprentice deems the behavior too challenging for walks, they will refer you to private or group training to focus on those behaviors.

All new Training Walk customers must complete an initial 1 hour session with us after the first Training Walk, where your trainer will transfer the lessons and skills they worked on with your dog to you, their human. This helps make sure you're equipped to use the same methods and language with your dog on walks. If you're working with a private trainer who does not work at Patrick's Pet Care, we would also aim to coordinate with that trainer—not compete with, conflict with, or replace them. 

What Makes Us Special?

Fear, Force & Pain-Free

Our code of ethics is based on a least intrusive, minimally aversive effective behavior intervention policy.

No Shock, No Prong, No Choke.

All of our trainers are members of the Pet Professional Guild and adhere to its guiding principles: respect, do no harm, do good, act fairly.

GPS Tracking

Every visit is tracked in real time so you can verify that your dog is safe and happy

Trained Specialists

Our staff are experts at what they do because they’re trained, tested on it, and paid well. All of our staff are fear-free, force-free certified, and most are apprentice dog trainers.

Consistent, Local Staff

We’ll know you and your dog by name, and you’ll know your specialist by name, too.

Package Options

Easily combine Enrichment Dog Walks with Dog Montessori School and other services.

Detailed Reports

Feel like you joined your dog on his/her walk. See for yourself–check out a sample report card.

Peace of Mind

Comprehensive insurance means accidents are covered. Background Checks mean we take your trust seriously.

100% Fear-Free, Force-Free

Patrick’s Pet Care is the only fear-free, force-free, independently certified dog training team in Washington, DC. We offer training services you can trust.

We foster thriving relationships between people and their canine companions by creating an experience rooted in a genuine love of animals, a commitment to force free practices, and a comprehensive, personal, science-based approach to dog training and behavior.

Our department is founded on the education of animal behavior luminaries such as Karen Pryor, Victoria Stilwell, Pat Miller, Patricia McConnell, Ian Dubnar, and Prasorp Tipprasert, as well as the research of world class institutions including the Duke University Canine Cognition Center, The Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh, and the Mandalao Elephant Conservation.


Serving Washington, DC

Our enrichment dog walking services cover all areas on the map marked in blue. For a detailed look, click here.

Ready to Start?

New Customers

Training Walk Basic Requirements:

  • Valid DC Dog License
  • Age: 8 weeks +
  • Vaccinations (Puppies Under 20 Weeks: 1st round of Distemper, Parvovirus, Bordetella
  • Vaccinations (All Dogs Over 20 Weeks): Rabies, DHPP / DAPP, and Bordetella
  • 15 Minute Virtual Orientation (Free) + Optional “Meet Your Trainer”
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Meet The Enrichment Walk Team

Atlee J.

Enrichment Walk Specialist & Apprentice Dog Trainer

Alex W.

Enrichment Walk Specialist

Emily D.

Enrichment Walk Specialist & Apprentice Dog Trainer

Mea A.

Enrichment Walk Specialist

Kimana M.

Enrichment Walk Specialist & Apprentice Dog Trainer

Dakota B.

Enrichment Walk Specialist & Apprentice Dog Trainer