PPC Cares

Our prices at Patrick’s Pet Care are a reflection of paying our employees a living wage plus tips and providing excellent benefits, including health insurance, retirement, and paid time off. We believe in hiring from the communities where we serve and in investing in our people. And trust us, it pays off – we’re able to provide top-notch, science-based, fear-free, force-free service to the animals in our care because we have a rockstar team of dedicated, passionate professionals.

But we understand that means our pricing is expensive, and we want our services to be accessible to as many members of the community as possible. 

If our prices are prohibitive and you’re invested in your dog’s wellbeing, we invite you to apply for a slot in our PPC Cares program. While we will not perform an income verification, we understand that our prices might be burdensome to a pet guardian household that makes less than $80,000 a year in DC.

Through PPC Cares, we offer a limited number of discounted spots for our Dog Montessori School (including mini dogs) and Exploration Enrichment Dog Walks to eligible applicants. We are unable to offer discounts to any of our grooming or training services (which includes Day Care 101 and Puppy Head Start).

Regular PricePPC Cares Price
Dog Montessori School$140$95
Small Dog Days @ Dog Montessori School$85$70
Exploration Enrichment Dog Walks$58$38

You’ll receive the same top-notch, fear-free, force-free care – just at a discounted price for people who need it. All we ask in exchange is for you to spread the word about our services on social media. 

Interested in applying for PPC Cares? Please complete the application below. 

Dog Montessori School Eligibility

  • PPC Cares Dogs may attend once per week
  • PPC Cares dogs must attend each week to keep their discount
  • PPC determines the day of attendance and that day is subject to change
  • PPC Cares Dogs must pass the Montessori School behavior assessment

Enrichment Walks Eligibility

  • The dog must walk at least once per week
  • The walk takes place at a time of our choosing between 10am-4pm
  • Monday-Friday only
  • Dogs who have behavior concerns on leash such as leash aggression or pulling are not eligible
Are you a current customer?(Required)
Which service(s) are you interested in?(Required)
Please Note: While we will not verify your income (honors system only), we understand our prices might be burdensome to a household that makes less than $80,000 a year in DC.

Terms & Conditions for PPC Cares

In exchange for the discount, PPC Cares members agree to act as an ambassador for Patrick’s Pet Care by:
  1. Publishing at least one positive post per month about your dog’s participation in each of the service(s) you are enrolled in on your personal Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram (tagging Patrick’s Pet Care); AND
  2. Posting a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook

Please Note: Spots are limited. Applying does not guarantee acceptance into the PPC Cares program.