Benefits of Pool Time

Swimming is widely regarded as one of the best full-body workouts out there, but did you know some time spent in the pool can benefit your dog as well? From physical exercise to plain old entertainment, here are the reasons you should consider taking your dog for a dip!

Setting Your Puppy Up To Thrive In Adulthood

Puppyhood does not last long, and it’s the most important development period in a dog’s life. While behavior issues can absolutely be corrected in adulthood, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

What is Day Care 101?

Thinking about sending your dog to day care, but not sure how they will do in a day care setting? Day Care 101 might be the perfect interim step for your pup.

Benefits of Dog Day Care

Dog day care is an ideal option for busy professionals and those with busy family lives looking to ensure the well being of their dog while still maintaining productivity during the day.

How To Choose Your Doggy Daycare

How do you pick a good doggy daycare? We’ve created a comprehensive checklist for you to consider when evaluating your options.

Do Small Dogs Need to be Walked?

Exercise is important for all dogs—it prevents boredom, stimulates the mind and encourages physical fitness. The Importance of Pet Exercise Routine exercise is a must for pups of all sizes (unless instructed otherwise by an expert); however, different breeds require different approaches.  Beagles, for example, need more exercise than other small breeds due to their heritage as hunting dogs. Some …