October 30, 2020

Benefits of Dog Day School

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Having a demanding career or busy family life means that a typical weekday often may not leave time for walking, playing with, and fully caring for your dog during working hours. Plus, in today’s COVID world—it can be tough if your dog is demanding your attention while you’re on an important Zoom call.

Dog day care is an ideal option for busy professionals and those with busy family lives looking to ensure the well being of their dog while still maintaining productivity during the day. Plus, it actually offers many social, emotional, cognitive, and physical benefits for your dog!

Day care will improve your dog’s social skills

Poor socialization can cause fear-based aggression. Dogs that participate in day care playtime from a young age learn how to respond to social situations through feedback from their puppy pals and caretakers. Without this feedback, they may misinterpret social cues or warnings from other dogs.

It increases human contact

No doubt your dog loves you and your family, but what about folks outside that circle? Local day care enrollment increases opportunities to expose dogs to new human contact. While you’re socializing with friends from work or caring for other members of your family, your canine will get much-needed attention from new faces.

It helps manage separation anxiety

Some owners may notice increasingly restless behavior in their dog—like excessive drooling and whining—during morning departures. These are signs of separation anxiety. Dog day care can help manage separation anxiety, turning your morning routine into a highlight of your pup’s day as they anticipate playtime with pals. The variety of social opportunities will help take their mind off your absence. 

It provides more exercise

Dogs left to themselves in the house all day get very little exercise. Weight gain, sluggishness, and depression are signs that your canine companion may not be getting enough exercise. Bringing your pooch to dog day care allows her to burn energy in a productive manner. At our Dog Montessori School, our students enjoy activities such as doggy treadmills, ball pit time, bacon-flavored bubble catching, and even canine freestyle dance parties. 

It keeps your dog safe

Dogs left on their own at home can get into mischief when they are bored. A high-quality day care facility will keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated throughout the day with attention games, puzzles, obstacle courses, and more.

It provides enrichment

Like people, dogs have individual preferences, interests, and needs. It is important to keep dogs not just safe, but happy and stimulated. Enrichment at day care can take many forms, such as:

  • Puzzles and obstacle courses
  • Tricks and challenges that contribute to overall training
  • Training to share resources with other dogs
  • Confidence building exercises that translate to the real world 
  • Teaching patience and impulse control 

When done right, dog day care provides enrichment that contributes to your dog’s lifelong development and well-being.  

Patrick’s Pet Care is fully equipped with all of these features and more. Our environments are designed to encourage socializing among dogs and our staff. Structured play periods, digital report cards, and 24/7 webcam footage help you rest assured in your pup’s well-being. Learn more about our Dog Day Care 2.0 program.

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