May 24, 2018

Is It Bad To Leave My Dog At Home During The Day?

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The short answer: no. You are not a terrible person, or a bad dog owner if you leave your dog at home.

Most dogs are fine spending several hours at home every day, however, all dogs need bathroom breaks and exercise. Here are a few tips to make it easier on your dog when you are away:


Training your dog to be at home all day is really important if you are going to be away from the home a lot. Teaching your dog how to act when you are gone will keep you both sane! Start with leaving the house for small periods of time so that your dog gets used to you leaving and then coming back. You can start leaving them in a closed off area until they can be trusted to roam free.

Boredom Busting Toys

We love the Kong toy series – any toy that you can stuff with treats is great for dogs that are going to spend time alone during the day.

Dog Walker

Maybe you don’t have time to run home during the day to let your dog out or can’t afford full-time daycare. That’s okay; there are other options, like a midday dog walker. At Patrick’s Pet Care, we offer short walks during the day so your dog can get out and stretch their legs and go to the bathroom. We also offer longer walks for dogs who need to burn off energy. Remember, even though most adult dogs can hold it for 8-10 hours, they really should only have to hold it for 6 hours during the day.


If you are gone every day, it can be fun and not that expensive to put your dog in doggy daycare for one or two days a week. Mixing up their routine and providing socializing time, helps your dog be happier and less bored. Plus, they always come home tired afterward!

In Washington D.C., we know that most people are professionals who work. Just because you work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a dog. However, if you are thinking about it and will be away from home a lot make sure to invest in a dogwalker or daycare. It really will make things much easier for you and your furry friend. We can even pick your dog up right from your house.

Call Patrick’s Pet Care today to discuss dog walking and daycare if you live in the Washington D.C. area!

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