June 8, 2017

Get to Know One of Our Longest Customers: Winnie

In our five-years of business, we’ve been privileged to meet hundreds of dogs. One of our longest dog-walking customers is Winnie. With her easy-going manner and signature floppy-ear, Winnie is impossible not to love. We spoke with her owners Alex and Lia to find out more about their dog-owning experience.

Their Adoption Experience

When Lia and Alex decided to get a dog, they knew they wanted to adopt because there are so many animals in need of a home. Through an animal rescue service they were able to find the perfect dog for them, and on Valentine’s Day 2014, Winnie became part of their family.

Life in the City

While hesitant about keeping a dog in a typical DC-apartment, Lia and Alex found that through long walks and visits to dog parks Winnie gets plenty of exercise. They also include Winnie on their own excursions: she’s been to the U.S. Senate, the National Arboretum, the Eastern Shore, and is looking forward to trying some dog-friendly ice cream in their neighborhood this summer.

As is common in DC, Lia and Alex work long hours. They decided to hire a dog-walker when Winnie was still a puppy and needed to release some energy during the day. Even now that she’s a full-grown dog, Winnie benefits from mid-day exercise and socialization. Lia commented on why she has continued relying on Patrick’s Pet Care for Winnie’s walks: “We love the daily notes we receive from our walkers, we love that we get photos of her with her BFFs, Mara, Jefe, and Thambi and we love that each of the walkers we’ve had over the years seems to genuinely care about Winnie.”

A Happy Family

Since her adoption, Winnie has become an essential part of the family. She greets her parents every day when they come home from work with a wagging tail, ready to snuggle. Lia concluded, “She makes our family feel complete and we both agree that getting a dog was the best decision we’ve made.”

Do You Want to Adopt?

If you’re interested in adopting a dog like Winnie, come to our upcoming adoption event on Columbia Heights Day, June 17th. From 12 PM – 3 PM the Humane Rescue Alliance will be at our day care with adoptable pups.

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