Patrick’s Pet Care is happy to provide transportation services for your pet to bring them anywhere they need to be! Whether they have a very important grooming appointment or a cross-country flight to catch, we’d be pleased to transport them quickly, safely, and securely to their destination. Our spacious, comfortable and well maintained “Pet Force One” themed vans have space for up to four (4) pets as well as a single (1) human passenger and luggage too! You can always count on Patrick’s Pet Care for a comfortable ride.


Transportation Within DC

  • The District’s Northern quadrants are our home base, and we can transport between any NW and NE addresses for a flat rate of $25 per trip
  • For rides that take us a bit further out of our way, we’re happy to service SE and SW addresses for $35 per trip
  • Wait time for round trips with pick up and drop off less than 3 hours apart: $50/hr

Suburban Transportation

  • We also offer transportation to the Maryland and Virginia counties surrounding DC. Trips to and from the following counties are a flat rate of $60 per trip
    • Montgomery or Prince George’s counties in Maryland.
    • Arlington county (including the city of Alexandria) in Virginia.
  • Round trips to suburban destinations with pick up and drop off less than four hours apart shall include a mandatory vehicle wait time at $50/hr

Airport Service

  • Reagan National Airport$60 per trip
  • Dulles International Airport $75 per trip
  • Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) $125 per trip

A “trip” is considered a one way journey from the District of Columbia to one of these airports OR a trip from one of these airports to the District of Columbia. For trips that begin or end outside of DC, please request a quote.

Custom Charter and Package Quotes

  • We’d be happy to give you a quote to take your pet just about anywhere in the United States. Whether it’s to avoid having to put your furry family in the cargo hold of a plane, or because your pet has special needs and would really benefit from that personal touch and a stress free journey, get in touch with us and we’ll put something together. And if you send your pet to the same place on a semi-regular basis and would like a quote for a discounted package of trips, please get in touch with us about that too.

Policies and Procedures