Cat & Small Animal Hotel


Patrick’s Pet Care is pleased to provide a home away from home for cats and other small animals at our facility in Columbia Heights. We are currently equipped to accommodate cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and most birds. If you’re going on a trip and think your furry or feathered friend would be more comfortable with us than home all alone, we’re happy to set up a comfortable place for them to stay and give them all the attention they’re used to getting at home. Our Cat & Small Animal Hotel is located adjacent to our main office, so we’ll always be around to hang out. And if you need your pet dropped off or picked up, we can do that too!

Pricing for Cats

  • Kitty Condo: Our facility is equipped with “Kitty Condos,” large tiered enclosures with litter boxes, food and water bowls, toys, and plenty of comfortable places to lounge and hang out inside. These private accommodations are $30 per night.
  • Free Reign: Since our Cat and Pet Hotel is located directly adjacent to Patrick’s Pet Care’s office, we have a limited ability to give a boarded cat “free reign” of our office. With this option, your cat will be free to explore our office and get tons of attention from all our very loving staff. Food, water, litter, and toys will be set up in our office space for your cat to enjoy, at a cost of $40 per night.

Pricing for Non-Felines

Our facility is also able to accept other small pets who stay in enclosures, such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, birds, and other similar caged pets. Patrick’s Pet Care does maintain a limited number of such enclosures for these types of animals, but customers should confirm that one is available for their type of pet before booking. Customers also provide the necessary supplies for these animals, which typically includes bedding and food as well as hay and leafy greens when appropriate. Fridge space is available. These accommodations are $20 per night to care for the occupants of one enclosure.  So if you have two rabbits or two ferrets who stay in one enclosure, the rate would be $20 per night for both.


  • A second cat from the same household will receive a 50% discount from posted rates
  • A third cat from the same household will receive a 25% discount from posted rates
  • Both cat & small animal boarding reservations lasting fourteen consecutive nights or longer will receive a 15% discount
  • Cat Boarding reservations lasting 30 consecutive nights will receive a $600 flat monthly rate for those 30 nights.
  • Small animal boarding reservations lasting 30 consecutive nights will receive a $300 flat rate for those 30 nights.
  • Note: flat monthly rate reservations cannot begin within two weeks before Thanksgiving day or within the two weeks before Christmas day

About Your Pet’s Stay

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