Dog Walking

Dog Walking Services and Service Area

Patrick’s Pet Care is pleased to offer regular mid-day, morning, evening and weekend dog walking.

Northwest Neighborhoods Served:
Adams Morgan, Bloomingdale, Brightwood Park, Columbia Heights, Cleveland Park (south of Ordway St.), Crestwood, Downtown, Dupont Circle, Georgetown (east of Wisconsin Ave.), Kalorama, Ledroit Park, Logan Circle, Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon Square/ Mount Vernon Triangle, Park View, Petworth, Penn Quarter, Pleasant Plains, 16th Street Heights, U Street, Shaw, Truxton Circle, Westminster, and Woodley Park.

Northeast Neighborhoods Served:
Brkington, Edgewood, Langdon

Southwest Neighborhoods Served:

Don’t see your neighborhood yet? Ask us!

What’s included

  • Professionally trained and long-term associate
  • Daily, detailed written walk report with photos
  • Insured and bonded associate
  • Refreshing water
  • Basic medication administration
  • Adherence to your pet trainer’s regimen
  • Personal online billing account
  • Personal online scheduling account
  • Taking in any packages and collecting mail
  • Drying off your dog after rain or snow (with your towel)
  • Treats, according to your instructions
  • Basic leash /no pull training

GPS Tracking Image

We provide GPS tracking so you know you pet got their full walk.


Real Time Mobile Updates

We let you know when the walk is done so you can feel good that your pet is happy.

“On Demand” Walk Information $$$

On Demand walks are no commitment walks that are available on short notice. They’re best for those with unpredictable schedules who need maximum flexibility

“Committed Customer” Walks $$

Committed Customer walks are moderately priced and require at least one walk per week (or 2 walks every other week), but the service provides some flexibility for those with changing schedules

“Recurring Discount” Walks $

Recurring discount walks are for those who need walks five (5) days per week and pay monthly. It’s the most affordable option, but the least flexible. It’s the best option for two dog households because we waive the second dog charge

Services Comparison


  • “Mid-day” walk rates apply to walks that begin between 10am-4:30pm Monday through Friday.
  • “Morning/Evening/Weekend” rates apply to walks that begin 7:30a-10a, 4:30pm-8:00p Monday through Friday
    and anytime on a weekend or holiday.
  • “Morning/Evening/Weekend” rates also include feeding and a basic medication, if so desired.
  • All services subject to applicable DC taxes.

Discounts & Rewards

  • Walk Share – For customers who want a monthly recurring discounted rate, who can share their walks with a neighbor in the immediate vicinity (next door usually). One customer would receive walks Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday, the other on Tuesday/Thursday. The days of the week need to stay the same.
  • Birthday walks – “Committed” Customers receive a free walk on their birthday
    (limit two per household, per year).
  • Boarding Rates – All “Committed” and “Recurring Discount” customers receive discounted boarding rates
  • Day Care Rates – All “Committed” and “Recurring Discount” customers receive discounted day care rates.


  • CONSULTATION/ORIENTATION: $20 one time fee that covers initial consultation with a manager and orientation to the home. Waived for “Committed Customer” and “Recurring Discount” customers who confirm the service in advance.
  • TERMINATION OF SERVICE: without cause or proper notice: $200 or the value of two week’s walks, whichever is greater.
  • WEEKDAY WALK REQUESTED AFTER 9pm Sunday deadline: $5
  • WEEKEND WALK REQUESTED AFTER 5pm Wednesday deadline: $5
  • SPECIAL NEEDS PETS: $5/visit (“Special needs” are determined on a case by case, animal by animal basis)
  • EMERGENCY WALK REQUESTS: $20 extra (Service is not guaranteed with less than 6 hours notice)
  • CUSTOMER REQUIRES A ONE HOUR SERVICE WINDOW (15 minute visits excepted): $5/visit
  • EXTENDED SERVICE DISRUPTION: “Recurring discount” customers may not suspend service and expect that their pet(s) spot will not be given to someone on the waiting list. “Committed Customers” who do not use their minimum 1x weekly or 2x bi-weekly walks will be billed for four (4) walks per month at $25 per walk regardless of whether they use the walks or not. If a customer does not need walk in week 1, the customer will have to schedule two walks in week 2 to keep the discount.

New Customer Information

All new clients meet with a manager at their home before the first dog walking appointment. At the initial consultation we’ll meet you and your pet(s), get an understanding of the layout and means of entry into your home, and answer any lingering questions you may have. After the consultation we will set you up with log in credentials for our scheduling portal that you can use to request walks on your schedule.

Dogs must be at least eight weeks old
Dogs cannot be aggressive toward people
Proof of current bordella, rabies, DHLPP vaccinations
Proof of DC pet registration or dog license

Timing of Walks
All visits (except puppy walks for dogs six months of age and younger) are also offered during a two hour window. For example, if a client requests a 1pm walk, Patrick’s Pet Care reserves the right to start the walk as early as 12:00pm and as late as 2:00pm. If you and your pet are even more flexible than that, please let us know as that’s very helpful information for scheduling.

Pet Check Technology
As a Pet Check user you’ll receive email updates about your pet’s walks each day. The process requires a QR code magnet to be placed in your home. At the beginning of the walk the caretaker scans the QR code with a smartphone and the application sends you an email to let you know that “your appointment has started.” It then tracks the length and location of the walk. At the end of the walk the walker scans the QR code again and that generates the “appointment complete” email that will include a “productivity report” (aka “#1,” “#2”) as well as any comments and pictures from the caretaker. If you want, you can log in to and see the GPS-tracked route that your dog takes each day.

Group Walks Availability and Pairings
Group walks are often -but not always- available. If a group walk is important to you for your dog’s socialization or your budget, please let us know. Patrick’s Pet Care uses good judgment in determining appropriate pairings to match similarly classed dogs who would walk well together based on our experience. If you don’t like the pairing we’ve judged to be appropriate, we can always change to a solo walk.