Dog Training

Who We Are

Patrick’s Pet Care Dog Training fosters thriving relationships between people and their canine companions by creating an experience rooted in a genuine love of animals, a commitment to force free practices, and a comprehensive, personal, science-based approach to teaching two way communication between dogs and people.

New Customer Bookings

How We Work

Patrick’s Pet Care uses purely positive reinforcement techniques in our dog training practice. We do this because we believe that positive reinforcement is the best way to build a trust based method of communication. We also use clickers. We use clickers because we have found it’s the most effective and efficient way to communicate with the dog. It’s also a lot of fun! A “click” tells the dog very specifically and very consistently what they did that we like, that we want them to do more of, and that earned them positive reinforcement. When a dog does a behavior we don’t like or we don’t want, we simply ignore it. Don’t worry about if you’ve never used a clicker- you can get an app for one on your phone! (And you don’t have to use it forever.)

When We Work

In general we work Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-7pm. Occasionally a client may need support outside of these hours, particularly if an issue we’re working on can only be reproduced at certain times of day or in certain situations, and we’ll do our best to accommodate that. Our Saturday and evening “after work” (5-7pm) sessions are most in demand, so those are more expensive, unless you buy a package.

Common Things We Help With

Bonding with new Family Members – Communication

Loose Leash Walking – Stop the Pulling!

Leash Reactivity – Greeting Other Dogs Calmly

Crate Training & Separation Anxiety – Stop the whining!

Tricks – Tools and games to have fun with your dog

Basic Manners: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Off, Etc

We can help with other things too, just ask!

Our Process

  1. Free Initial Consultation (30 minutes)

    During the initial consultation we’ll have a conversation with you to get to know you and your dog, let you get to know us, and discuss how we might work together to establish a thriving relationship between you and your dog. All initial consultations are conducted via Zoom. 

  1. Training Plan and Proposal 

    After we feel we understand your goals and priorities, we’ll propose a training plan with 

    our best realistic estimate of the number of training sessions we’ll need to achieve them. Because we treat everyone involved as an individual, this is only an estimate, as we may need to adjust expectations after we’ve worked together a bit. 

  1. Private Training Sessions

    We’ll work together to help you achieve your goals. If you’re pleased with the progress in and the outcome, with your top priorities, we can continue working together to address other needs. Private sessions are offered in person to the greatest extent possible, at a mutually agreeable location, but may be substituted for online sessions for convenience, with mutual agreement. 

    NOTE: During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, all services will be provided virtually, unless rare or unique circumstances allow for an exception that everyone involved feels safe proceeding with, and that allow for full compliance with C.D.C. social distancing guidelines. 

  1. Ongoing Support 

    After we’ve finished our private 45 minute training sessions, we consider you a Patrick’s Pet Care client forever and we’ll be happy to provide periodic 15 minute check ins and/or refreshers to keep you and your dog on track.


Initial Consultation (30 minutes) – Free 

Private Dog Training Sessions (45 minutes)

A La Carte

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Dog Training Apprentice 

45 min 

(10am-5pm weekdays)



45 min (weekend/evening)



15 min

(virtual, all days)




Certified Dog Professional Dog Trainer

Dog Training Apprentice

Pack of 5 (45 min)

Anytime 10a-7pm



Buy It Here

Includes one free 15 minute virtual check ins

Pack of 10 (45 min)

Anytime 10a-7pm



Buy It Here

Includes two free 15 minute virtual check ins 

Pack of 15 (45 min)

Anytime 10a-7pm



Buy it Here

Includes three free 15 minute virtual check ins

*Packages are valid for 60 days from the date of purchase.

** All rates are subject to applicable District of Columbia taxes

What you should bring

  • You, fully present and engaged
  • Your dog
  • A collar and leash (if working outside the home)
  • A clicker (either a physical one, or digital one on your phone)
  • Bite sized treats (the dog should be able to consume it easily, quickly in one bite)
    Or other positive reinforcement means (which we can discuss as needed)
  • A reliable internet connection

Our Policies

Essential Components

Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe that all of our clients should be fully satisfied with the services they’ve
received. We do not guarantee that we can solve every problem. But we do believe we can improve the relationship you have with your dog. And we guarantee that we will be transparent, communicative, and provide value for your money. If at any point you do not feel that we have done that, please let us know that you are not satisfied and we’ll give you a refund equivalent to the value of the last 3 visits of your most recent package purchased. (This does not apply to expired packages or a la carte purchases).