Dog Training In DC

Training Philosophy

At Patrick’s Pet Care we offer balanced training that is customized to match the needs and personality of each dog and designed to give you the tools you need to be able to communicate with your dog and achieve your personal training goals together. We offer a variety of different options including day school, overnight board and train, group classes, one topic seminars, and private lessons. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask us!

Day School – Features & Prices

Drop off your dog to play, and have her come home with better manners! The Dog Day School is meant to proactively reinforce the basics of being well behaved at Day Care while also making a point to avoid the common “group” or “pack” bad habits that many dogs inadvertently pick up at most dog day cares. Send your dog to Day School for $10 per day, in addition to posted Day Care rates. The prerequisite for a successful day school experience is completion of a basic obedience class or a demonstration of working knowledge of the same.

At our Brookland location for medium and large dogs:

  • Greetings (teaching your dog how to meet humans and other dogs)
  • Doors (how not to rush toward or through every door he/she sees)
  • Leash manners (how not to pull)
  • Down (how not to jump)
  • Sit (and stay sitting)
  • Learning not to guard toys

At our Columbia Heights location for puppies and small dogs:

  • Name Recognition (the beginning of a successful recall)
  • Puppy Socialization & Acclimitization (to humans, new situations, and other dogs)
  • Puppy House Training
  • Puppy Crate Training (the best way to avoid separation anxiety in the future)
  • Greetings (teaching your dog how to meet humans and other dogs)
  • Leash manners (how not to pull)
  • Learning not to guard toys
  • Down (how not to jump)
  • Sit (and stay sitting)

Board & Train

Send your dog to stay and train with us while you’re on vacation! They’ll receive daily personalized training in the areas they need most, such as obedience, specialized training, behavior modification, or continued education training. All dogs in the program will do multiple sessions throughout the day, and each session is personalized to the dog and their energy level. Generally, each session lasts about 15 minutes. You might think that’s not very long, but learning is exhausting for both dogs and humans and that length of time avoids burn out while allowing us to keep up the pace. In between these sessions they will be in the climate controlled boarding room where they can get a quick power nap, go out on a walk with one of our trained and experienced dog walkers so they can get that fresh air and potty break, or hang out amongst our day care groups to build good social skills in a structured environment.

14 Day Program – $1380

30 Day Program – $2484

Group Classes & Seminars

  • If there’s a particular subject you’d like to see taught or a particular area you need help with, get in touch with us.

Class Schedule:

Puppy Manners & Obedience (6 weeks – $250)

  • Thursdays @ 7:45pm at our Columbia Heights location
  • Current class: July 12, 2018  
  • Next class begins:   August 30, 2018
  • Future class begins: January 2019
  • This is a 6 lesson (once a week) class for puppies aged from 8 weeks – 1 years old and is considered to be our puppy kindergarten. It teaches good social skills, basic obedience, and also introduces them to different surfaces and sounds to give them positive experiences and build their confidence in new places. Basic obedience includes sit, down, stay, come, go to bed, and also an introduction to crate training. This class is an hour of hands-on training and instruction, and includes handouts describing all the information we covered in class that day.
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Adult Manners & Obedience (6 weeks – $250)
  • Tuesdays @ 7:45pm at our Brookland location
  • Current Class begins: July 10, 2018
  • Next class begins: August 28, 2018
  • Future Class begins: January 2019
  • This is a 6 lesson (once a week) class for dogs aged 1.5 years old and up, which is generally considered the adult phase for dogs. It focuses on being well behaved (not jumping, getting overly excited, etc.) when out in social environments and not running out of the door every time it opens. It also covers the basics of obedience (sit, down, go to bed, come to me, stay) as well as gives the dogs a chance to build social skills in a controlled environment.
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Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most effective way to provide you and your dog what you need to be successful: individual attention, consistency, the time and space to address the unique characteristics of your dog’s personality, and the ability communicate with one another.


  • Initial Session $145
  • Subsequent Sessions: $105
  • 4 Pack for $435
  • 6 Pack for $600
  • 8 Pack for $750
  • 10 Pack for $885

Private sessions include a personalized training goal for you, continued email support, articles and handouts, and a clicker (if applicable).

Get in touch with us to set up a consultation and meet with a trainer.

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