Small Dog Daycare

Dog Walking DC

Features & Services

  • Online scheduling, reservation reminders and customizable puppy profile
  • Curbside drop off and pick up @ 11th & Lamont, NW
  • In the room human supervision and interaction
  • Structured downtime that dogs need
  • Daily digital report cards (with pictures!)
  • Hepa filtered air and water
  • Snoozer beds and dog couches (Environmentally sustainable and animal friendly!)
  • Multiple HD Live Webcams
  • Anti-microbial, food-industry health and cleaning standards
  • In-store "Woof Pantry" for pet food and supplies pick up
  • Planned Play Groups Based on Temperament
  • Certified Trainers on Staff
  • Monthly Membership Options & Perks!

What's Included

  • Structured and stimulating play time with humans and other dogs
  • One oral medication per dog (no medications for active infections/diseases)
  • Mini Naturals dog treats according to your instructions
  • Naps (for those who don't self regulate)
  • 15 to 1 Dog to Staff Ratio (Lowest in the City)

Optional Extras

Bathing and Brushing – Short Coat: $40
Bathing and Brushing – Long Coat: $50
Nail Trim: $25
15-Minute walk: $25
30-Minute walk: $35
Late pick up (between 7:30 and 8:30 pm): $15
Full Groom, Bath, Haircut & Style – Short Coat: $80
Full Groom, Bath, Haircut & Style – Long Coat: $90
Early Drop Off (between 7:00 and 7:30am): $5
Feeding meals provided by you: $5


We’re happy to offer pick-up and drop-off services from your home to our monthly customers! Our day care transportation service area can be found here and information about packages that include transportation is available below under the "Pre-paid Monthly Packages" section! We regret that we are unable to provide transportation to day care customers who are not monthly package holders.

Services Comparison Chart

Small Dog Day Care Patrick’s Pet Care Doozy Dog! City Dogs Wagtime
Neighborhood walks included
Basic training included
Cage free
Designed just for little guys - 10lbs to 30lbs
Toys available
2019 renovation
Woof Pantry Pet Food and Pet Suppplies
Offers transportation to and from
HD Webcam
No Overcrowding

Pricing Details

Book Now!

Our “On Demand” rate structure is for customers who want the most flexibility in scheduling their visits. It allows your pup to visit Day Care on any day you’d like, though that flexibility does present the highest cost per visit. Reservations are not required, but they are strongly encouraged because we are frequently at capacity.

Daily Pricing

Full Day: $45
  • Because of our boutique size Patrick's Pet Care does not offer half-day or hourly day care services

If you (or your dog) need day care on a very regular and predictable schedule– which we highly recommend for the best experience for your pup– you can get the best price per visit by committing to a set schedule every week. We offer three day care package options: two visits weekly (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) or three visits weekly (on Monday and Wednesday and Friday). For the rare dog who truly thrives with a lot of activity and stimulation (herding dogs, working dogs, and mixes with those influences), we welcome visits five days per week (Monday through Friday). For most urban dogs, two or three visits per week (with a break in between) is the sweet spot. For those who benefit from a break to rest, but who also shouldn’t be home alone all day, we offer combination package of day care and dog walking, and we offer those packages as well.

  • Day Care Only
  • Day Care w/ Transportation
  • Day Care and In Home Dog Walking Combination
All Monthly Package Holders Receive These Perks:
  • Complementary Outdoor Neighborhood Walk while at Day Care
  • Guaranteed Holiday Boarding Space (with cut off date)
  • Complementary Boarding Suite Upgrades (when available)
  • One Complimentary 30 minute Behavior and/or Training Consultation with Patrick
  • Complimentary Holiday Gifts such as Beautiful Christmas Ornaments, Valentines and Easter Eggs handmade by our staff with help from your pet!
  • First Invitation to PPC Events such as: Photos with Santa, Halloween Contest at the Dog Park, Cooling Pool at the Pride Parade, Harry Potter Day, The Dog Day Care Olympic Games
  • Complementary Bath Once Per Month
  • Access to Rent Either Playpark for a Birthday or Work Event
  • Password Protected Webcam Access (Coming soon!)
  • Monthly Members Private Facebook Group (Coming soon!)
  • Complementary Morning Coffee (at day care drop off – Coming soon!)

Day Care Only Package Information & Pricing

2 Visits Every Week (Tuesday/Thursday): $316/mo (12% loyalty discount)
3 Visits Every Week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday): $456/mo (16% loyalty discount)
5 Visits Every Week (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday): $720/mo (20% loyalty discount)

Day Care w/Round-Trip Transportation Package Information & Pricing

2 Visits Every Week (Tuesday/Thursday): $520/mo (12% loyalty discount)
3 Visits Every Week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday): $762/mo (16% loyalty discount)
5 Visits Every Week (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday): $1230/mo (20% loyalty discount)

Day Care & Dog Walking Package Information & Pricing

2 Day Care Visits (Tue/Thur) + 3 Walks (Mon/Wed/Fri): $618/mo
3 Day Care Visits (Mon/Wed/Fri) + 2 Walks (Tue/Thur): $667/mo
  • Monthly packages require automatic billing and are paid up front at the beginning of every month
  • Unused visits from one month cannot be transferred or rolled over to other months
  • Packages and/or visits will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to: government closure, weather or weather re-lated closure, customer illness, transportation difficulties, last minute travel plans, or vacation plans. However, if your dog is ill we do not want to spread illness to our other guests at day care, and we will do our best to accommodate a sick dog’s visit on an alternate day, as space permits
  • Fixed schedules are not guaranteed to be able to change. So if you pick Tuesday/Thursday for a month and then decide to change your days to Monday/Wednesday/Friday in the middle of the month it is not guaranteed that we’ll be able to accommodate that. We do tend to run at capacity most days and if you want to switch your day to a day that is already full, there is nothing we can do
  • Patrick’s Pet Care does close any time the federal government closes for a federal holiday or weather related emergency, and those days are non refundable, but are transferable on a case by case space available basis
  • To allow us to properly plan for staffing, these packages are location specific. So if you buy one to use at Columbia Heights, it can only be used at Columbia Heights
  • Monthly packages are household and animal specific. We do not permit them to be shared because we need to plan the play groups for the specific personalities of each dog. On rare occasion we allow a customer to share one monthly package between two dogs of the same household, if their play styles are the same. If their play styles are not the same, we do not allow it. If a package is shared between two dogs of the same household, they dogs may *not* attend on the same day. It’s one dog per package per visit per day
  • Customers with more than 2 failed auto processing charges will not be eligible to be monthly customers
  • Customers cannot have/use an active “committed customer” package and active “monthly” package in the same month
Transportation Terms
  • Transportation is offered with a two hour window rather than a specific appointment. Customers may leave their keys on file with Patrick’s if they will not be home for the scheduled time, though an in-home orientation is required in advance before the pet can be dropped off or picked up without the owner present
  • We do require a complete set of keys (and any necessary fobs) for all concierge transportation customers. On site lockboxes and on site concierges do not fulfill this requirement. The chauffer must be able to go directly to the home/unit where the dog resides using the keys he/she has on his person. A code on the door itself or a smart key is acceptable, as long as it is not dependent on waiting for a concierge or picking up a set of keys or fob from a lockbox somewhere on the property. Unfettered access is required during pick up and drop off hours
Combination Package Terms
  • All monthly package terms outlined above
  • We only provide the combination packages on the two schedules offered. We do not make exceptions

New Customer Information


  • All dogs start their first visit to Day Care as a trial day where they'll be oriented and have a temperament test

What to expect: You'll leave your dog with us before work just like a regular day and pick him/her up after work. We'll answer any questions you may have when you drop off. While he or she is with us she'll undergo a temperament test to make sure s/he's well suited to a group environment, and if not that we believe he or she will be after a reasonable adjustment period. You can expect a written update by email in the mid-afternoon to let you know how s/he did. At the end of the day when you pick him/her up, if you or the Day Care Manager feel like the dog wouldn't be a good fit, there's no further commitment. If they want to come back to hang out with all their new friends again though, we'll turn over scheduling of his or her visits to you.

  • If you'd like to do an express temperament test and prefer not to have it last all day, we do need at least (three (3) hours to conduct the evaluation
  • The hours of operation for temperament testing at the small dog facility in Columbia Heights are 7:30 am - 7:30 pm Monday - Friday. Typically, we recommend (but do not require) testing on a Monday or a Friday because those are our least busy days. Any dog coming for a first day must be dropped off not later than 4 pm to allow enough time for the evaluation before closing. We do not conduct temperament tests on the weekends or on federal holidays at the Columbia Heights location.
  • We do require two business days advance notice to schedule a temperament test.
  • You don't have to bring anything to the test except any food you may want us to give your dog while he/she is here.
  • The Small Dog Day Care address is 3303 11th Street NW.
  • The orientation and temperament test day is free of charge.
  • To get started fill out this form and the day care manager will get back to you promptly to confirm your first day.
  • After the temperament testing and orientation day customers must put and keep a credit card on file to be able to have their dog(s) attend day care.
  • We manage scheduling and billing through an online system called Pet Exec. Our Day Care Manager will create a Pet Exec profile for you prior to your trial day, and you’ll receive a welcome email from the service explaining how to log in. From there you can schedule your dog’s visits, schedule them for a bath or nail clipping, access our webcam, or purchase a package of Day Care visits to bring down the cost per visit.
  • All visits to Day Care must be scheduled by customers through the Pet Exec system. If a dog arrives for an unscheduled visit, we may not have room to welcome him or her for that day. If we have space to accommodate the visit, the visit will be subject to a $20 Unscheduled Visit Fee.

What to Bring

  • Leash
  • Collar and / or harness
  • Food (if being fed)
  • Any necessary medications (in the original container with instructions)

What Not to Bring

  • Bedding
  • Bowls
  • Measuring cups
  • Personal favorite toys
  • Anything that you would be upset to see chewed
  • Patrick's Pet Care does not have dedicated parking spots, but there is a striped loading zone at the corner of 11th and Lamont Street NW that customers have good luck using while they quickly run in to drop off or pick up their dog.
  • We do offer curbside pick up and drop off as well. Just call (202) 630-7387 (then dial extension "1002" right away to connect to the small dog location) when you're 5 to 10 minutes away and the attendant will meet you at the curb.
  • If life is just too busy or commuting to Patrick's Pet Care is bothersome, we do offer transportation services for an additional charge.
Hours of Operation
    • Patrick's Pet Care is open 7:30 am - 7:30 pm Monday - Friday.
    • This excludes all federal holidays and federal snow emergency closures. If the federal government is open for business, we are open for Day Care. If the federal government is closed for a federal holiday or weather closure, our Day Care is closed.
    • If you find yourself in a bind and needing pet care on a federal holiday, just let us know. We have many options available other than Day Care.
  • Normal operating hours are 7:30 am-7:30 pm, but customers who are running late may pick up as late as 8:30 pm for an additional $10. Customers who do not pick up their dog by 8:30 pm will have a $60 overnight boarding charge as well as a $25 short notice boarding reservation fee added to their bill automatically and will not be able to pick their dog up until 7:30 am the next morning.
Curbside Pickup
  • Curbside pick up is offered between 7:30 am - 9:30 am and 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm.
  • Updates to customers are sent every day, typically in the mid to late afternoon. If you want to know how your dog is doing, feel free to call (202) 630-7387 or check out the webcam.
  • A live HD webcam feed from the bay window is available whenever the Day Care is open so you can get a cute view of all our pups napping in the window.
  • Food is to be provided by the customer. Generally dogs will be crated for feeding to avoid consumption by other dogs as well as any potential food aggression issues.
Treats & Food Allergies
  • We give the dogs small grain free treats for good behavior, up to twice per day. If your dog has any allergies or you would prefer us not to give treats, please let us know.
Payment & Billing
    • All customers are required to keep an active, current credit card on file with their Pet Exec profile. Customers who make reservations or show up to day care without a card on file will be turned away
    • "On Demand" customers are charged each day at pick up.
    • Pre-paid monthly packages are charged monthly in advance.
  • Customers with unpaid balances due that are older than 30 days will have monthly compound interest of 25 percent added to the outstanding balance.
Scheduling & Cancellations
    • All visits to Day Care must be scheduled in our Pet Exec system by 9 pm the previous evening. If a dog arrives for an unscheduled visit, we may not have room to welcome him or her for that day. If we have space to accommodate the visit, the visit will be subject to a $20 Unscheduled Visit Fee.
    • Customers who reserve a space for their dog at day care but don't use it must cancel their reservation in Pet Exec by noon the previous day to avoid being charged for the spot. If a dog does not show up to a reserved day of day care, the customer will be billed for day care anyway.
    • All payments and package purchases are final and there are no refunds.
  • Committed Customer package customers may cancel a planned day and retain the credit for future use.