All Dog Day Care

Features, Services and Extras

Features and Services:

  • Online scheduling, reservation reminders and customizable puppy profile
  • Curbside drop off and pick up from the rear of the store
  • In the room human supervision and interaction
  • Crate/cage-free environment (Except for feeding reasons or unusual aggression episodes)
  • Daily digital report cards (with pictures!)
  • Hepa filtered air and water
  • Snoozer beds and dog couches (Environmentally sustainable and animal friendly!)
  • Multiple HD Live Webcams
  • Anti-microbial, food-industry health and cleaning standards
  • In-store “Woof Pantry” for pet food and supplies pick up


  • Structured and stimulating play time with humans and other dogs
  • One mid-day outdoor relief stroll (additional private walks are also available)
  • One oral medication per dog (no medications for active infections/diseases)
  • Mini Naturals dog treats according to your instructions
  • Naps (for those who don’t self regulate)

Optional Extras:

  • Bathing and Brushing: $25
  • Nail Clipping: $15
  • The Works (Bath, Brush, and Nails): $35
  • 15-minute walk: $15
  • 30-minute walk: $22
  • Late pick up (between 7:30 and 8:30 pm): $10
  • Full Groom Bath, Nails & Haircut/Style:$54
  • Early Drop Off (between 7:00 and 7:30am):$5
  • Feeding meals provided:$5


  • We’re happy to offer pick-up and drop-off services from your home to our monthly customers! Our day care transportation service area can be found here and information about packages that include transportation is available below under the “Pre-paid Monthly Packages” section! We regret that we are unable to provide transportation to day care customers who are not monthly package holders.
  • Day Care Transportation Terms: Transportation is offered with a two hour window rather than a specific appointment. Customers may leave their keys on file with Patrick’s if they will not be home for the scheduled time, though an in-home orientation is required in advance before the pet can be dropped off or picked up without the owner present.

Standard “On Demand” Rates $$$

Our “On Demand” rate structure is for customers who want the most flexibility in scheduling their visits. It allows your pup to visit Day Care on any day you’d like, though that flexibility does present the highest cost per visit.

Pre-Paid “Committed Customer” Packages $$

If your pup loves coming to Day Care and you’d prefer a lower rate, we offer packages of visits for purchase by “Committed Customers.” The bundles of visits lower the cost per visit accordingly, and visits can be used on whatever days you prefer!

Pre-Paid Monthly Packages $

If you’ll be needing Day Care for you pup on a very regular and predictable schedule– which we highly recommend for the best experience for your pup– you can further lower your cost per visit by committing to a set schedule every week! We offer two main options: two visits weekly (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) or three visits weekly (on Monday and Wednesday and Friday). For the rare dog who truly thrives with lots of activity (herding dogs, working dogs, and mixes with those influence) we welcome visits 5 days per week Monday-Friday. Please note that the days are not transferable, cannot be switched, and are paid for in advance at the beginning of the month. Patrick’s Pet Care does close any time the federal government closes for a federal holiday or weather related emergency.

Services Comparison Chart

Medium/Large Dog Day Care Patrick’s Pet Care Doozy Dog! City Dogs Wagtime
Neighborhood walks included      
Basic training included       
Cage free        
Designed just for the bigger guys – more than 35lbs    
Toys available         
No hidden “back rooms”          
Imported sheepskin beds         
Offers transportation to and from    
HD Webcam         
No Overcrowding         

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