Visits to Your Home


Service Types

We are presently equipped to visit with: cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, most rodents, birds, and most fish. With advance notice and preparation we can usually accept most reptiles and amphibians as well. For any visits to your home for dogs, please see our dog walking information page.

Price: $27
Length: 15 Minutes
What is included: Essential Visits can include giving food, water, litter scooping (as needed), and basic (non-invasive) medication administration for up to three (3) indoor animals. They are ideal for clients on a budget or those who have pets who simply wouldn’t enjoy the company of strangers. If your pet does enjoy or would benefit from playtime or socialization, we’re happy to spend any remaining time after preparing the essentials socializing with your pet.
Price: $35
Length: 30 Minutes
What’s Included: Socialized visits include all the essentials services described above, as well as photo updates, increased playtime, brushing, and whatever manner of companionship your pet(s) prefer and you instruct us to provide for up to three (3) indoor animals.
Packages are paid for up-front via PayPal, and can be used for up to one year from the date of the first visit. Package visits can be used on holiday weekends without an additional Holiday Fee (see below), with several restrictions:

  • New packages that will be used for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend cannot be purchased after November 1.
  • New packages that will be used for the week of Christmas or the week of New Year’s cannot be purchased after December 1.
  • Customers with unused package visits from previous purchases may book holiday service using those visits if they book by November 15th for the week of Thanksgiving and by December 15th for the week of Christmas or New Year’s.

No refunds or cancellations for package purchases will be issued for any reason except the death of the animal(s) or obvious negligence on behalf of Patrick’s Pet Care.

$230 for 10 Essentials Visits ….. $23 each

$400 for 20 Essentials Visits ….. $20 each

$300 for 10 Socialized Visits ….. $30 each

$540 for 20 Socialized Visits ….. $27 each

$265 for 10 Combination Social/Essential … $26.50 each

Service Area

  • The blue area represents our primary pet sitting service area.
  • The red area represent our extended service area which can be covered, but not without 72 hours notice and inclusive of a $2/visit surcharge.
  • Requests for service outside these red and blue areas will be considered, but for an extended service area fee between $5 and $10 per visit.
  • Due to staffing constraints, we’re only able to accommodate twice daily visits in our primary pet sitting service area.
  • Patrick’s Pet Care only operates in the District of Columbia.
Patricks Pet Care Home Pet Sitting Service Areas


    • One email update per visit with photos (unless your pet is hiding and wouldn’t want to be pursued for a photo)
    • Online scheduling, invoicing, and payments
    • E-verified and GPS-tracked visits using third party service provider: Pet Check Technology
    • High quality and reliable service
    • Insured, trained and bonded associates who are paid at least a living wage in the District of Columbia
    • Mail, newspaper, and/or package collection (up to 25lbs)
    • Tidying of all pet areas and removal of trash (for trips lasting at least 3 visits or 48 hours)
    • Basic indoor plant watering with specific instructions from the customer

Additional Fees

Orientation: $20

  • One time fee that covers our initial consultation with a manager and orientation to your home. This fee is waived for package clients.If, after your first trip, you decide to let us keep your key on file you will never have to pay this again. If you prefer not to have your key kept on file you can still drop off and pick up your key from our office lockbox in Columbia Heights 24/7 free of charge.
Holiday Fee: $5 per visit

  • NOTE that the additional fee is not only applied for visits on federal holidays. It is also applied for each visit on weekends preceding federal holidays that fall on a Monday, weekends following federal holidays that fall on a Friday, the three days prior to and three days following Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Holiday fees are waived for package clients.

Emergency Service Requests (less than 24 hours notice): $5 per visit

Key Duplication (we require two complete sets): $5 per key

Locksmith (for lockouts if customers do not provide keys to all locks): $110, at a minimum

Medication Administration: $5 per visit

  • If your pet is “good” about taking his or her medication, or if it’s simply added to his/her food we are happy to do that free of additional charge. The fee is applied when medication must be administered forcibly or under duress.

Invasive Medication Administration: $15 per visit

  • Medication administration is “invasive” if it requires shots that must be given under extreme duress, or by other non-oral or non-topical means.

Additional Litter Boxes: $2 per visit for each litter box beyond two

Supply Pick Up: $20 for a maximum of four items

  • We can purchase more supplies for your pet for a cost of $20 plus the cost of reimbursement

Replacement QR code magnet: $5

Rabbit Hutch Cleaning: $10 per cleaning

Special Needs Pets: evaluated on a case by case basis


Patrick’s Pet Care regular mid-day dog walking clients receive $5 off each pet sitting visit if your canine is an overnight guest at Patrick’s during pet sitting visits

Patrick's Pet Care

Policies and Terms of Service

  • Most times, pet sitting reservations are invoiced via our Pet Check system, and customers will receive an invoice after service, every two weeks on Sunday evening.
  • During holiday seasons, pet sitting reservations are paid in full up front to confirm service dates.
  • Any unpaid balances will have compounded 15% interest added after the first 60 days and every 30 days thereafter until the balance is paid.
  • Accounts left unpaid after 90 days will be referred to Cavalry Portfolio Services for collections.
  • Customers who provide at least 24 hours’ notice will receive a full refund of any payments made, with no cancellation fee.
  • Customers who are unable to provide 24 hours’ notice will not receive a refund for any cancelled visits.
  • Reservations made for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays will not be refunded under any circumstances if within 1 week of the start of the pet sit.
  • All visits are conducted during daylight hours, which can generally be assumed to mean between 7am and 7pm. Customers who have preferences for alternate or specific timing must say so in advance.
  • Our window for morning visits is 7am – 10am, and our window for evening visits is 4pm – 7pm. Regrettably, we are not able to accommodate twice daily visits to addresses in our Extended Service Area, as displayed above.
  • On rare occasion, usually during extremely high demand periods like Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s, a visit might take place as late as 9pm. This would be highly unusual, but it is possible.
  • We do not offer exact appointment times for pet sitting visits. At a minimum, we require a three-hour service window during which the visit can take place. Visit timing is kept consistent from day to day if at all possible.
  • The length of purchased visits is meant to include a period of approximately one minute for entry/exit prior to and following the Pet Check scan, resulting in an official time that may fall up to two minutes below 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Patrick’s Pet Care can provide visits as frequently as two times in a 24 hour period, or as infrequently as every other day. Regrettably, we cannot assume responsibility for a pet that will be visited every third or fourth day.
  • All clients must provide Patrick’s Pet Care with two (2) complete sets of keys to the home for the duration of the pet sit. Keys left at a building front desk that is staffed from 7am – 7pm, seven days per week (including holidays) may fulfill the role of one of these complete sets. In cases where a building fob is required, one fob is sufficient. Calling client cell phones via call boxes to be buzzed in at each visit is not sufficient. Patrick’s Pet Care is happy to duplicate keys at client expense.


      • Patrick’s Pet Care maintains an office lockbox in Columbia Heights that is accessible to clients 24/7 to drop off and pick up their key(s). However, for security and logistical reasons, customers who return on a weekend or holiday should not depend on or assume that their key will be in the lockbox for them to pick up without making arrangements to that effect before the trip or pet sit begins.
      • Customers can expect that after they have returned from their trip they can request that their key be left out for pick up and expect that the request will be honored and acknowledged during normal business hours.
      • Customers should absolutely never give the only means of gaining access to their own home to Patrick’s Pet Care.
      • Customers should absolutely never ask Patrick’s Pet Care to lock their keys in their home, and in so doing lock Patrick’s Pet Care out. Doing so is against company policy.
  • Patrick’s Pet Care maintains a wonderful staff of caretakers, all of whom are trained, bonded, insured, experienced, and paid at least a District of Columbia living wage of $15 per hour. Patrick’s Pet Care reserves the right to assign any one of our staff to your pet sit, with the understanding that full contact information will always be provided upon request.
  • We make every effort to have the visits done by the same person every time, and if that’s not possible (especially for long pet sits with everyday visits that span multiple weeks) that the visits be done by the fewest number of different people as possible.
  • Patrick’s Pet Care management meets all new clients personally and we schedule consultations through our website using the “Book a Pet Sitter” button at
  • We provide real time GPS-tracked visit updates via e-mail, with photos from every visit with the help of our third-party provider Pet Check Technology.
  • An important note about appointment times: the appointment time that a customer might see in the Pet Check Technology website is not necessarily the exact time that the appointment will actually happen.
Patrick’s Pet Care reserves the right to refuse service to any person, for any reason, including but not limited to:

  • Customer failing to disclose a serious medical condition about their pet.
  • Customer insisting that Patrick’s Pet Care provide services in a way that Patrick’s Pet Care considers unethical.
  • Customer refusing to pay past outstanding bills.
  • Customer treating members of the Patrick’s Pet Care staff with disrespect.

How Our Services Compare

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Patrick’s Pet Care Baroo Saving Grace Wagtime
GPS tracking by Pet Check Technology
Consistent, familiar, and long-term staff
Local caretakers who live where they work
Professionally trained and knowledgeable staff
Offers regular morning, evening, and weekend visits
Welcomes all creatures, not just cats and dogs
Provides short notice “on demand” services
Real time, detailed electronic updates with photos and videos
Customer rewards program
iPhone and Android scheduling app
Offers affordable monthly packages
Willing to work with special needs pets
Locally owned, community focused company