Cat & Small Animal Hotel


Patrick’s Pet Care is pleased to provide a home away from home for cats and other small animals at our facility in Columbia Heights. We are currently equipped to accommodate cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and most birds. If you’re going on a trip and think your furry or feathered friend would be more comfortable with us than home all alone, we’re happy to set up a comfortable place for them to stay and give them all the attention they’re used to getting at home. Our Cat & Small Animal Hotel is located adjacent to our main office, so we’ll always be around to hang out. And if you need your pet dropped off or picked up, we can do that too!

Pricing for Cats

  • Kitty Condo: Our facility is equipped with “Kitty Condos,” large tiered enclosures with litter boxes, food and water bowls, toys, and plenty of comfortable places to lounge and hang out inside. These private accommodations are $30 per night.
  • Free Reign: Since our Cat and Pet Hotel is located directly adjacent to Patrick’s Pet Care’s office, we have a limited ability to give a boarded cat “free reign” of our office. With this option, your cat will be free to explore our office and get tons of attention from all our very loving staff. Food, water, litter, and toys will be set up in our office space for your cat to enjoy, at a cost of $40 per night.

Pricing for Non-Felines

Our facility is also able to accept other small pets who stay in enclosures, such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, birds, and other similar caged pets. Patrick’s Pet Care does not maintain permanent enclosures for these types of animals, but is able to accommodate them when customers provide the enclosure and necessary supplies. These accommodations are $20 per night.


  • A second pet from the same household will receive a 50% discount from posted rates
  • A third pet from the same household will receive a 25% discount from posted rates
  • Boarding reservations lasting ten consecutive nights or longer will receive a discounted $25 per night rate.
  • Boarding reservations lasting 30 consecutive nights will receive a $500 flat rate for those 30 nights.

About Your Pet’s Stay

  • Reservations for boarding guests are accepted on first come, first served basis. Holidays in particular are busy and tend to fill up quickly. To be sure we can accommodate your reservation, it’s always helpful to submit your intake form as early as practicable.
  • Responses by Patrick’s Pet Care to inquiries about availability and rates on certain dates cannot and should not be interpreted to be a confirmation of a reservation. A confirmation of a reservation is only assured once an invoice has been issued by Patrick’s Pet Care and has been paid by the customer.
  • Supervision by Patrick’s Pet Care’s team of experienced caretakers from 8am – 8pm.
  • Frequent socialization and playtime with our caretakers, and with other pets if applicable.
  • Meals given according to his or her usual schedule.
  • Medications administered as necessary.
  • A calm, quiet, and cozy environment to sleep at night.

If you’re not able to bring your pet to our facility yourself, we’re happy to transport him or her for you! Transportation appointments must be organized before the reservation is scheduled to begin, and additional information can be found in our Transportation Services Information sheet. Generally, our rates are:

  • $25 for addresses in Northwest DC
  • $30 for addresses in Northeast, Southeast, or Southwest DC
  • $50 for addresses in Montgomery, Prince George’s, Arlington, or Fairfax counties
  • Your pets!
  • Cat or pet carrier for easy transportation
  • Vaccination information
  • Enough food for their stay, as well as any preferred treats
  • Any medications (preferably in the original container)
  • A favorite toy or two
  • Bedding
  • Bowls
  • Crates
  • Measuring cups
  • Litter or Litter boxes
  • Updates are delivered via email, with pictures of your pet included.
  • Reservations lasting shorter than seven consecutive days will not receive updates.
  • For reservations lasting longer than one week, weekly updates are sent on Sunday afternoons.

Policies and Procedures

We’re not able to accept reservations lasting fewer than two consecutive nights.

Customers who provide at least two weeks’ notice (from the start date of the reservation) of a cancellation shall receive a full refund. Customers who provide less than two weeks’ notice shall receive a credit toward a future stay. Customers who cancel with less than 72 hours notice shall not receive a credit or a refund, and there are no refunds for early returns or early pick ups. There are no refunds or credits for any stay that was booked for a holiday weekend, the week of Thanksgiving, or for any date between December 15 and January 15.

  • All payments are processed through PayPal, and invoices for boarding reservations will be issued not later than one week prior to the beginning of the stay, or as soon as practicable for short-notice requests. Invoices must be paid within seven days of receipt.
  • Billing is done “per night” with a check in and check out time of 12:00pm. Customers who drop off their pets before 12pm or who do not pick up their pets by 12pm will be charged an additional 1/2 day charge. Customers who do not pick up their pets by 6:00pm will be charged an additional night’s stay.
  • Short Notice Reservations: Any reservation requested and confirmed with less than one week (7 days) notice is subject to a $25 Short Notice Fee
  • Last Minute Reservations: Any reservation requested and confirmed with less than 24 hours notice is subject to a $50 Last Minute Fee
  • Special Needs: pets with separation anxiety, complicated or extremely time-specific medications, illness, aggression, destructive tendencies, etc. (evaluated case by case) are subject to additional feed ranging from $5 – $25 per night. Special Needs Fees will always be negotiated before an invoice for the reservation is issued.
  • Medical Attention: if your pet become ill or injured while in our care, we’ll contact you for instructions. If you cannot be reached, we’ll contact your listed emergency contact. If neither of you can be reached Patrick’s Pet Care will take the pet to either your preferred veterinary hospital (if it’s open) or to Friendship Animal Hospital.Customers will be billed $50/hr for this service, plus reimbursement for any charges incurred by Patrick’s Pet Care.

While Patrick’s Pet Care always has staff members available to help you, we do limit pick up and drop off times at the office are limited to the following:

  • 7:30am-8:30pm Monday-Friday
  • 8am-7pm by appointment on the weekends