Specialized Dog BnB


Patrick’s Pet Care is pleased to provide a “Dog BnB” at our facility in Columbia Heights for pups who prefer to be pampered. Just like a bed and breakfast for humans, the Dog BnB space is dedicated to the care and comfort of your dog. It adds a level of attention and comfort that most pups love, and you can count on Patrick’s to be a home away from home for your buddy.


  • The BnB is set up to give our canine tenants free reign of an apartment-style setup, with 24/7 supervision by our BnB Manager.
  • Baseline Price: $80 per night
  • Holiday Weekends (MLK Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day): $100 per night
  • For certain dates during the week or Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s: $120 per night. Inquire for specific dates the elevated rate is applied.


  • Existing Patrick’s Pet Care dog walking customers receive a $10 per night discount off posted rates
  • Existing “Recurring Discount” dog walking customers may deduct the value of each walk they would have received during normal walking days from the daily boarding rates
  • BnB reservations lasting at least ten consecutive nights will receive a $15 per night discount (except for holidays and holiday weekends listed above).

About Your Dog’s Stay

  • Reservations for boarding guests are accepted on first come, first served basis. Holidays in particular are busy and tend to fill up quickly. To be sure we can accommodate your reservation, it’s always helpful to submit your intake form as early as practicable.
  • Responses by Patrick’s Pet Care to inquiries about availability and rates on certain dates cannot and should not be interpreted to be a confirmation of a reservation. A confirmation of a reservation is only assured once an invoice has been issued by Patrick’s Pet Care and has been paid by the customer.

All new customers and their dogs must come to Patrick’s Pet Care for an evaluation of temperament and disposition prior to the confirmation of their first reservation. Orientations are only done by appointment via email, and can be anytime during our posted hours of operation. Existing Patrick’s Pet Care midday dog walking clients are excepted from this requirement, but are still welcome to visit and orient themselves to the BnB facility. The orientation usually lasts less than 20 minutes and is free of charge. First time customers who make last minute reservations may delay their orientation until drop off, but Patrick’s Pet Care does reserve the right to refuse service in the event of any aggression or temperament issues.

Tours and Evaluations at the PetBnB shall be limited to the following times, by appointment:
Monday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Wednesday: from 6:00pm-7:00pm
Sunday: from 12:00-6:00pm

  • Cage / crate free stay, except where behavioral and safety exceptions may apply
  • 24 hour professional supervision by our BnB Manager
  • Frequent and regular attention and socialization, following the temperament of the dog and your instructions
  • At least one peanut butter kong or chew treat per day, except where customer instructions or allergies prohibit it
  • Meals according to his / her usual schedule, or at 7am & 7pm if no other instructions are given
    Four walks per day, at or around 7am, 11am, 4pm and 8pm. The walks will include one 30 minute, two fifteen minute and and one five minute relief break, depending on the weather
  • Email updates on request, beginning the second day of your dog’s stay
  • Short video with your usual email update: $5 per instance
  • 60 minute Dog Park and / or Rock Creek Park Excursion: $50 per visit

If you’re not able to bring your dog to our facility yourself, we’re happy to transport him or her for you! Transportation appointments must be organized before the reservation is scheduled to begin, and additional information can be found in our Transportation Services Information sheet. Generally, our rates are:

  • FREE for existing dog walking customers whose transportation request can function as their dog’s usual mid-day walk.
  • $15 for addresses within reasonable walking distance of Columbia Heights
  • $25 for addresses in Northwest DC
  • $30 for addresses in Northeast, Southeast, or Southwest DC
  • $50 for addresses in Montgomery, Prince George’s, Arlington, or Fairfax counties
  • Your dog!
  • Leash
  • Collar and / or harness (harnesses are encouraged for safety)
  • Vaccination and DC pet registration tags, if applicable
  • Enough food for their stay, as well as any preferred / special treats
  • Any medications (preferably in the original container)
  • A favorite toy or two
  • Bedding
  • Food or water bowls
  • Crates, unless the animal is being crate trained or feels safe sleeping in its home crate
  • Measuring cups
  • Anything that you would be very upset to see chewed
  • All overnight guests will be given free reign at Patrick’s Pet Care, behavior permitting. By that we mean that if a dpg is respectful of the space and doesn’t attempt to destroy property or repeatedly relieve itself indoors, it is welcome to go about the place as it will. If, however, it does not behave or is aggressive towards other guests, or if it isn’t house trained, or if it shows any signs of communicable or contagious disease, Patrick’s Pet Care reserves the right to segregate and / or quarantine the dog using pet gates or, if necessary, a crate. The only other exception to this policy is if an animal is trained to use a crate and is used to sleeping in a crate and feels safe and at home in its crate, in which case we are happy to continue providing this option.
  • All clients should assume, unless specific arrangements are made in advance, that it is likely that their dog’s overnight stay will overlap with at least one other dog, and often multiple other dogs. If your dog does not get along with others and you would prefer him or her to stay overnight alone, please disclose that preference up front. As a matter of safety in instances where more than one dog at a time is staying with us, it is Patrick’s Pet Care policy to intentionally segregate dogs during feeding so as to avoid any potential food aggression issues.
  • We believe an animal’s routine should be preserved if at all possible while he/she is an overnight guest at Patrick’s Pet Care so that he or she doesn’t experience unnecessary stress or discomfort. For example, if the dog is used to eating his or her meals at 7am and 4pm, we will make every effort to feed the dog at 7am and 4pm while he or she is a guest. Consequently it is important that the dog’s current routine be explained in the intake form so that it can be planned for and quoted accordingly.
  • If your dog has any habits the client wants encouraged or discouraged during the dog’s stay, please let us know. An example of this might be encouraging or discouraging the dog from getting on furniture.

Customers can expect emailed updates about their dog. Typically emails are sent once per day for short term stays, once every other day for stays of up to a week, and every few days for stays lasting longer than a week. In most cases email updates begin the second day of a guest’s stay. The best method of communication is via email to dogbnb@PatricksPetCare.Com. Text message updates are not currently offered.

Policies and Procedures

We’re not able to accept reservations lasting fewer than two consecutive nights.

Customers who provide at least two weeks’ notice (from the start date of the reservation) of a cancellation shall receive a full refund. Customers who provide less than two weeks’ notice shall receive a credit toward a future stay. Customers who cancel with less than 72 hours notice shall not receive a credit or a refund, and there are no refunds for early returns or early pick ups. There are no refunds or credits for any stay that was booked for a holiday weekend, the week of Thanksgiving, or for any date between December 15 and January 15.

  • All payments are processed through PayPal, and invoices for boarding reservations will be issued not later than one week prior to the beginning of the stay, or as soon as practicable for short-notice requests. Invoices must be paid within seven days of receipt.
  • Billing is done “per night” with a check in and check out time of 12:00pm. Customers who drop off their dogs before 12pm or who do not pick up their dogs by 12pm will be charged an additional 1/2 day charge. Customers who do not pick up their dogs by 6:00pm will be charged an additional night’s stay.
  • Short Notice Reservations: Any reservation requested and confirmed with less than one week (7 days) notice is subject to a $25 Short Notice Fee
  • Last Minute Reservations: Any reservation requested and confirmed with less than 24 hours notice is subject to a $50 Last Minute Fee
  • Puppies: Any dog younger than 6 months, or any dog who is not house trained, is subject to a Puppy Fee of $10 per night.
  • Special Needs: dogs with separation anxiety, complicated or extremely time-specific medications, illness, aggression, destructive tendencies, etc. (evaluated case by case) are subject to additional fees ranging from $5 – $25 per night. Special Needs Fees will always be negotiated before an invoice for the reservation is issued.
  • Property Damage: Reasonable messes and occasional accidents are to be expected, but any outrageous destruction of property not caused by negligence of Patrick’s Pet Care employees will be assessed a damage fee commensurate with repair of the damage caused. Potential examples might include: holes in the walls, floor or rugs, and destruction of furniture.
  • Medical Attention: if your dog become ill or injured while in our care, we’ll contact you for instructions. If you cannot be reached, we’ll contact your listed emergency contact. If neither of you can be reached Patrick’s Pet Care will take the dog to either your preferred veterinary hospital (if it’s open) or to Friendship Animal Hospital. Customers will be billed $50/hr for this service, plus reimbursement for any charges incurred by Patrick’s Pet Care.

Drop offs and pick-ups at the PetBnB shall be limited to the following times:

Monday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-12:00noon
Sunday (and federal holiday Mondays): 12noon-6:00pm

Special Arrangements for Drop off and Pick Up outside of normal hours:

  1. Pick Up or Drop off via our Small Dog Day Care (3303 11th Street NW)
    Monday-Friday 7:30am-8:30pm

    • Customers may arrange to drop their pet off or have their pet picked up from our dog day care at 3303 11th Street NW. The pet will then be safely transported by PPC staff to the PetBnB.
  2. Transportation by Patrick’s Pet Care Pet Taxi
    7 days per week, 8am-8pm

    • Customers may request transportation for their pet to and from their home.
    • The customer must be home or access must be arranged for in advance with either a copy of the customer’s key or arrangements with a front desk concierge..
    • Drop offs and pick ups are offered on a two hour service window.
    • The first service window of the day is 8am-10am. The last service window is 6pm-8pm.

Patrick’s Pet Care maintains liability insurance through Pet Sitter Associates, LLC, which is administered by RPS Scobie Group and underwritten by an AM Best rated: A (Excellent) Insurance Company. The full details of our coverage can be reviewed here, and customers are welcome to inquire with specific questions. At no point will Patrick’s Pet Care accept, and at no time should the customer presume that Patrick’s Pet care has accepted, any liability beyond what is explicitly covered (and limited) by the aforementioned policy. In our four years in business, Patrick’s Pet Care has had to file zero claims.