Job Postings

Assistant General Manager A senior staff position leading the day-to-day operations of the Patrick’s Pet Care dog training and dog boarding operations in Washington, DC. Read the complete job description here. Apply Here
Day Care Attendant Day Care Attendants are the face of Patrick's Pet Care for all our Day Care customers, and are responsible for the well being of all dogs in attendance each day. Generally, the Attendant will be responsible for opening or closing the Day Care facility, which involves a comprehensive cleaning and use of the computer for our Day Care Management system. Opening Attendants begin their day at 7:30am and stay until the early afternoon, while Closing Attendants begin their day in the early afternoon and stay until 8:30pm. During the day, the Attendant will coordinate the drop-off or pick-up of all dogs, socialize with them, feed them, take them for walks, make sure no altercations occur, and separate dogs or groups of dogs as necessary. The Attendant will also respond to emails from owners, answer calls, and send a mid-day update to each owner that includes a report of the day's activities and at least one picture. As potentially the only human in a room with up to 20 dogs in it, a love of dogs is an absolute requirement. Apply Here
Customer Care Associate Customer Care Associates are the face of Patrick's Pet Care. Each day associates are tasked with going (often by bike) to the neighborhoods of the District to care for animals. Primarily, caretakers are responsible for a mid-day dog walking route that is done from approximately 10:30am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday, though part-time morning, evening, and weekend positions are also available. After significant hands-on training and with continuing support from managers, associates function with relative independence and autonomy. Each day associates go about their responsibilities as they will, so long as the job gets done within required parameters and to the customer's satisfaction. In this role associates will interact directly with customers on a daily basis, providing regular updates about their pet's experiences with Patrick's Pet care. As independent operators in the field, associates will need to make daily use of technology including smart phones, apps, and social media. Those who enjoy independent, active, outdoor work and have at least a basic inclination toward mobile tech tend to thrive in this position. Apply Here