What is Dog Montessori School?

Dog Montessori School is a totally new way to do day care, focusing on your dog's unique physical, mental, and emotional needs. We can't think of a better time to transition than right now!

What Makes it Special?

What's UNIQUE?


Gone are the days of the all day "free for all" in a crowded room full of dogs. Instead, Montesorri provides the structure that dogs thrive on. 

Rather than being expected to just "make friends," our guests are individually assessed and placed into specific play groups based on their individual play style. Wrestlers are placed with wrestlers and soft touchers are placed with fellow soft touchers. The soft touchers really appreciate this!

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Example Schedule


Arrival and edible puzzle time


Group play with matched styles


Small group, matched style lessons, and activities


Relaxation, Frozen Treat, and lunch period


Individual enrichment games, lessons, and activities


Group play with matched styles


Relaxation period, puzzle time, rest


Rather than coming home completely exhausted from unregulated nonstop activity, the dogs get a fun balance of all the essentials, including small group and individual activities as well as naps.

Small Group Activities Like What?

Program Details

We are really excited to have work-shopped several exciting options over the past few months, and the most popular are:


Canine Freestyle Dancing


Bacon-Flavored Bubble Catching


Confidence Obstacle Course


Tunnels, Slides, and Hoops, Oh My!


Puppy Pool


Attention Games: Target/"Find it!"/Group Sits


Cooperative Play Skills: Tug/Sharing/Fetch


Outdoor Walks


Signature Activities

A couple of times a week we'll have a signature enrichment activity, and we'll also offer individual options such as: 

  • Dog Treadmill
  • Ball Pit Adventures
  • Fit Paws Fitness Class
  • Fun Manners: Doors manners, No jumping
  • Day Care 101: Skills for success
  • Tea Time (Yes, really.)
  • Countless Puzzles: snuffle mats / scent games
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At dog day care? Yes! Most dogs sleep 18 hours a day.

Have you ever stayed up all night? Like kids, dogs need structured down time and naps to avoid becoming over-tired, stressed, and grouchy. Have you seen the photos on social media of an exhausted dog passed out on the couch after a day of dog day care? That poor dog feels like it just stayed up for two days straight! 


Attention to Detail and So Much Love!

With the lowest ratio of dogs to staff in the region, 10 to 1, we'll be able to focus on quality care and the attention to detail that you expect. 

We know you want to know exactly what happens during your best friend's day. You can count on us to share it with you with all the rich details that will demonstrate we know you, and we know your dog by name and personality.

Most importantly, the emotional support your dogs have always received at Patrick's Pet Care will be there as strong as ever.

Check out this sample report card!