Small Dog Day Care & Puppy Socialization Center

Features, Services and Extras

Features and Services:

  • Online scheduling, reservation reminders and customizable puppy profile
  • Curbside drop off and pick up
  • Bar-code scanning on the guest’s collar for quick and easy check in and check out (Coming Soon)
  • In the room human supervision and interaction
  • Crate/cage-free environment (Except for feeding reasons or unusual aggression episodes)
  • Daily digital report cards (with pictures!)
  • Hepa filtered air and water
  • DOGTV (
  • Sheepskin beds (Environmentally sustainable and animal friendly!)
  • Live Webcam Supervision
  • Anti-microbial, food-industry health and cleaning standards
Two french bulldogs sleeping on a doggie couch.


  • Two mid-day walks around the neighborhood
  • One meal per dog (if so desired and food is provided by customer)
  • One oral medication per dog (no medications for active infections/diseases)
  • ”Small Bites” dog treats (by Plato Pet Treats), according to your instructions

Optional Extras:

  • Bathing and Brushing $20
  • Nail Clipping $10
  • Bathing, Brushing and Nail Clipping $25
  • Cute photos texted directly to your phone $2.00/day
  • 30 minute Dog Park Excursion $15.00/visit
  • 60 minute Dog Park and/or Rock Creek Park Excursions: $25.00/visit
  • Additional Medication: $2.00 per medication per day (One oral medication per day is free of charge)


  • We’re happy to offer pick-up and drop-off services from your home either a la carte or as part of a package of Day Care visits! A la carte, we can offer a $15 rate for addresses in Zip Code 20010, and customers in other areas can check our Transportation page for rate information. For information about package options that also include transportation, check below!


Day Care Transportation Terms: Transportation is offered with a 1-hour window rather than a specific appointment. Customers may leave their keys on file with Patrick’s if they will not be home for the scheduled time, though an in-home orientation is required in advance before the pet can be dropped off or picked up without the owner present.

Standard “On Demand” Rates $$$

Our “On Demand” rate structure is for customers who want the most flexibility in scheduling their visits. It allows your pup to visit Day Care on any day you’d like, though that flexibility does present the highest cost per visit.


  • Per hour per dog

  • 7:30am-7:30pm

  • 7:30am-2pm OR 2pm-8:30pm

Pre-Paid “Committed Customer” Packages $$

If your pup loves coming to Day Care and you’d prefer a lower rate, we offer packages of visits for purchase by “Committed Customers.” The bundles of visits lower the cost per visit accordingly, and visits can be used on whatever days you prefer!

8 FULL DAY VISITS – $280 ($35 per day)

  • With transportation one way – $460 ($22.50 per trip)
  • With transportation both ways – $584 ($19 per trip)
12 FULL DAY VISITS – $402 ($33.50 per day)

  • With transportation one way – $642 ($20 per trip)
  • With transportation both ways – $822 ($17.50 per trip)
20 FULL DAY VISITS – $640 ($32 per day)

  • With transportation one way – $960 ($16 per trip)
  • With transportation both ways – $1,240 ($15 per trip)
30 FULL DAY VISITS – $870 ($29 per day)

  • With transportation one way – $1,290 ($14 per trip)
  • With transportation both ways – $1,620 ($12.50 per trip)
  • Packages are paid for up-front by credit card through a third-party provider, our management system called Pet Exec.
  • Visits can be used for up to six months from the date of purchase.
  • Package purchases will not be refunded or cancelled once purchased for any reason except the death of the animal(s) or obvious negligence on behalf of Patrick’s Pet Care.
  • Patrick’s pre-paid, monthly mid-day dog walking clients may credit the daily value of a pre-paid walk toward any full or half day of daycare.

Pre-Paid “Weekly Recurring Discount” Packages $

If you’ll be needing Day Care for you pup on a very regular schedule, you can further lower your cost per visit by committing to a set schedule every week! These packages are only available for purchase by inquiry.

2 FULL DAY VISITS Every Week – $268/month ($33.50 per day)

  • With transportation one way – $436 ($21 per trip)
  • With transportation both ways – $548 ($17.50 per trip)
3 FULL DAY VISITS Every Week – $372/month ($31 per day)

  • With transportation one way – $588 ($18 per trip)
  • With transportation both ways – $732 ($15 per trip)
4 FULL DAY VISITS Every Week – $464/month ($29 per day)

  • With transportation one way – $712 ($15.50 per trip)
  • With transportation both ways – $880 ($13 per trip)
5 FULL DAY VISITS Every Week – $520/month ($26 per day)

  • With transportation one way – $800 ($14 per trip)
  • With transportation both ways – $1000 ($12 per trip)
  • If you commit to the same two, three, four, or five days each week for a month, you can purchase a “Weekly Recurring Discount” package. Just let us know the days your pup will be visiting and we’ll add their regular visits to our calendar!
  • These packages are purchased by the month, and must be purchased prior to the first day of the month for which the visits will be used.

Services Comparison Chart

Small Dog Day Care Patrick’s Pet Care District Dogs City Dogs Wagtime
Neighborhood walks included  
Basic training included      
Cage free         
Designed just for little guys – less than 35lbs       
Toys available     
No hidden “back rooms”       
Imported sheepskin beds       
Offers transportation to and from     
HD Webcam   
No Overcrowding         

New Customer Information

  • All dogs’ first visit to Day Care function as a “Trial Day.” You’ll leave your dog with us just like a regular day, and we’ll explain how everything works when you stop by to drop him or her off! At the end of the day, if you or the Day Care Manager feel like the dog wouldn’t be a good fit, there’s no further commitment. If they want to come back to hang out with all their new friends again though, we’ll turn over scheduling of his or her visits to you!
  • Our hours of operation are 7:30am-8:30pm Monday-Friday.
  • The Small Dog Day Care address is 3303 11th Street NW
  • The orientation and trial day is charged at the regular “on demand” rate.
  • Dog must weigh between 8 and 35 pounds
  • Dogs must be at least three months old
  • Dogs cannot be aggressive toward people or other dogs
  • Male dogs over seven months old must be neutered
  • Proof of current bordella, rabies, DHLPP vaccinations
  • No day care while your dog recovers from illness or injury

We manage scheduling and billing through an online system called Pet Exec. Our Day Care Manager will create a Pet Exec profile for you prior to your orientation, and you’ll receive a welcome email from the service explaining how to log in. From there you can schedule your dog’s visits, schedule them for a bath or nail clipping, access our webcam, or purchase a package of Day Care visits to bring down the cost per visit.

  • Leash
  • Collar and/or harness (harnesses are encouraged for safety)
  • Vaccination/ DC pet registration dog tags
  • Food (if being fed) as well as any prefered/special treats (if so desired)
  • Any medications (preferably in the original container, with instructions)
  • Bedding
  • Bowls
  • Measuring cups
  • Personal Favorite Toys
  • Anything that you would be upset to see chewed
  • Patrick’s Pet Care does not have dedicated parking spots. But, there is a striped loading zone at the corner of 11th and Lamont Street NW that customers have good luck using while they quickly run in to drop off or pick up their dog.
  • We do offer curbside pick up and drop off as well. Just call 202-630-7387 when you’re 5 to 10 minutes away and the attendant will meet you at the curb.
  • If life is just too busy or commuting to Patrick’s Pet Care is bothersome, we do offer transportation services for an additional charge.

Policies & Terms of Service

  • On Demand customers are charged each day at pick up.
  • Weekly Recurring Discount Packages are charged monthly in advance
  • The billing is “per day” or “per half day.”

All reservations, payments and package purchases are final and there are no refunds. Day care package customers may cancel a planned day and retain a credit for future use with 48 hours advance notice. Packages are good for six months from the date of purchase.

  • Patrick’s Pet Care is open 7:30am-8:30pm Monday-Friday
  • This excludes federal holidays and federal snow emergency closures. If the federal government is open for business, we are open for day care.
  • If you find yourself in a bind and needing pet care on a federal holiday, just let us know. We have many options available other than day care.

Curbside Pick up is offered 7:30am-9:30am and 5:30pm-8:30pm.

Updates to customers are sent every day, typically in the mid to late afternoon. If you want to know how your dog is doing, feel free to call 202-630-7387 or check out the webcam.

A live HD webcam feed from the bay window is available whenever the day care is open so you can get a cute view of all our pups napping in the window. It is password protected, but the password is available to all in the email signature of the email account that updates are sent from. You can also ask any staff member.

Food is to be provided by the customer. Generally dogs will be crated for feeding to avoid over consumption by other dogs as well as any potential food aggression issues.

We give the dogs small grain free treats for good behavior, up to twice per day. If your dog has any allergies or you would prefer us not to give treats, please let us know.

We employ a two strike policy toward aggression. After the second strike a dog will be asked not to return.

All clients may assume that guests will be given free reign at Patrick’s Pet Care, behavior permitting. If the guest is aggressive towards other guests, or if it shows any signs of communicable or contagious disease, Patrick’s Pet Care reserves the right to segregate and/or quarantine the pet in “time out” using crates and/or kennels, or request that the pet be picked up early. Patrick’s will also crate/kennel any pets who are fed, so as to avoid any potential food aggression or allergy issues with your pet or other guests.

Should your pet become ill or injured while at Patrick’s Pet Care, you’ll be contacted for instructions immediately. If you cannot be reached your emergency contact will be contacted. If no one can be reached Patrick’s Pet Care will take the pet to either your preferred veterinary hospital (if it’s open) or to Friendship Animal Hospital. Customers will be billed $50/hr for this service as well as reimbursement for any charges incurred by Patrick’s Pet Care.

Generally, all the dogs at Day Care have free reign to socialize and play. Our space is only one room, but is equipped with several ways to cordon off certain areas to separate dogs or groups of dogs as necessary. Dogs are always fed separately to avoid food aggression, and the day is usually split up into alternating periods of play time and nap time! Everyone’s favorite napping location is our front bay window, where they can soak of the sun and grab some shuteye in peace. All the dogs go out on at least two outdoor group walks per day.