October 17, 2018

PPC Brookland: Dog Boarding, Dog Day Care, Community Partner

If you’ve visited our Brookland location, you know that between our day care and boarding pups, Patrick’s Pet Care: Brookland is always the center of activity. But what you may not know is that Patrick’s Pet Care: Brookland serves as a hub for our community engagement work as well.

Beginning this past summer, our Brookland staff have worked hand-in-hand with Deaf-REACH, an organization that provides specialized programming for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the D.C. area. The team from Deaf-REACH visits PPC: Brookland to see how the day care business operates and give our day care pups some extra socialization and love (including handmade treats!). At their last visit, the Deaf-REACH team created a lovely poster for our day care pups (pictured below). Our staff loves having them at the day care and looks forward to each of their visits.


We have also been fortunate to partner with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue by serving as a boarding facility for some of their dogs while they await adoption. During their stay with us, the Lucky Dogs receive supervised socialization time, prepping them to be well-behaved in their forever homes.

One of those rescue dogs, Rhonda, has made amazing strides thanks to the work from our Brookland staff. When Rhonda arrived to stay with us, she was anxious and avoided socializing with people and pups alike. But our Brookland staff worked with her each and every day, easing her into her new life with people to love her, and dogs to be her playmates. A once standoffish stray, Rhonda is now full of energy and loves playtime with her day care buddies. She’s begun her adoption process, and we can’t wait to see what home is lucky enough to adopt her!

With the holiday giving season fast approaching, please consider a donation to either of these wonderful partners. And if you’re looking to board your dog or enroll them in day care, know that your choosing Patrick’s Pet Care helps us strengthen these relationships with organizations performing essential services in our community.

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