June 28, 2017

The Power of Pet Transportation

Pet Force One is already serving our clients and their pets in time-saving, stress-redpet transprotationucing and unique ways. Aside from the daily routine drop offs and pickups at our daycare and boarding facility, the wide variety of requests for van services not only reassures us that we are well equipped to meet any and all of them but also shows the profound bond we enjoy with man’s best friend and all the ways we express it.

Here’s a sample. One client’s beloved dog requires chemo that involves trips to Virginia for treatment. Taking time off from work to drive there was becoming a problem for her.  Pet Force One now covers the round trips and waits while the procedure is done. On another assignment, a couple who are divorced and share custody of their dog have Pet Force One transport him back and forth between them for visits.

Not all dogs like car rides. When we got a call requesting transport to the vet for two 70 pound Greyhounds ‘who hate cars’ we wondered just how this trip would go. Our customer, Ann Marie Petrick says it best.

“I felt like we could have ridden around the world in the van and my dogs wouldn’t have minded. Driving in city traffic can be starts, stops and jostles. Patrick gave us a ride that was hassle free. The dogs stretched out on the covered floor and just relaxed. I was amazed.  He also waited while we saw the vet and then took us home. It was a great experience and I can’t recommend the service enough.”

A flat tire and failed AC on a recent very hot afternoon in Adams Morgan left a woman stranded who was traveling with her dog. She tried to get out of the heat to wait for roadside service in a nearby restaurant but they didn’t allow pets. Pet Force One picked up her buddy and took him home.

Our present service area extends to transporting furry passengers to and from the airport.  In the near future customers will be able to book Pet Force One for longer, customized trips through our charter program, Patrick’s Pet Care Express.  We are also working on an app that will quote fees for all of our trips.

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