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Where Can I Get My Dog Licensed In DC?

Whether you’re new to the D.C. area or new to pet ownership, licensing your dog is a must. The licensing process, however, can prove intimidating if you haven’t done it before.  We’ve put together a comprehensive breakdown of the dog registration process in D.C. With our advice, you should have little to no issue navigating dog licensing. Why Do I
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How Long Should I Walk My Dog?

Life is busy. Responsibilities abound. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to slack off and overlook the most basic duties—but both you and your pooch benefit from keeping active! Be sure not to skimp on exercise for your dog. Walking with your furry friend is a great form of exercise and socialization, but each dog has different needs. Here are some
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Top 4 Dog-Friendly Ski Resorts Near D.C.

A weekend getaway at the slopes doesn’t have to exclude Fido. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite dog-friendly ski resorts in the Mid-Atlantic. If your aim is to enjoy an adventurous experience outside the city with your canine companion, then pet policy is not the only factor to consider. ‘Pet-allowing’ and ‘pet-friendly’ locations are vastly different. Seek these resort

The 15 Best Places to Walk Your Dog in D.C.

Break up the monotony of your neighborhood dog walk with one of our 15 favorite places to walk your pup in the D.C. area! These picks, many of which are National Park Service sites, offer breathtaking scenery, open spaces, wildlife, history and more.

PPC Brookland: Dog Boarding, Dog Day Care, Community Partner

If you’ve visited our Brookland location, you know that between our day care and boarding pups, Patrick’s Pet Care: Brookland is always the center of activity. But what you may not know is that Patrick’s Pet Care: Brookland serves as a hub for our community engagement work as well. Beginning this past summer, our Brookland staff have worked hand-in-hand with Deaf-REACH, an organization that
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Happy Bikers? Happier Pups!

If you live in our service area, you’ve likely seen one of our caretakers zip by on a bike while commuters in cars slog along in traffic. It’s no surprise why so many of our caretakers opt to bike in the city. Biking proves to be one of the fastest ways to get around town. But there are more benefits
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Don’t Be Afraid Of The Crate

For some reason, some dog owners tend to think of crates negatively. They don’t see it as their dog’s sacred space or crate training as a tool. Instead, they see it as punishment or a bad thing. At Patrick’s Pet Care, this might be the biggest misconception we hear. Here is why you should not be afraid of the crate, but
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Is It Bad To Leave My Dog At Home During The Day?

The short answer: no. You are not a terrible person, or a bad dog owner if you leave your dog at home. Most dogs are fine spending several hours at home every day, however, all dogs need bathroom breaks and exercise. Here are a few tips to make it easier on your dog when you are away: Training Training your
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My Dog Chews on Everything – Here’s How to Get Them To Stop

A common issue that dog owners run into with both puppies and older dogs is constant chewing! And of course, it is not chewing on the approved chew toys, but rather our shoes and other belongings. Here are a few suggestions for how to reduce chewing: 1: Exercise Dogs that resort to chewing on things (outside of teething puppies), chew
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7 Ways to Adjust Your Dog’s Behavior

Dogs of all ages can come with behavior issues or have them start overnight. When your dog is misbehaving, it can be frustrating and you may not know how to get them to make a shift in their attitude. Here are 7 tricks we use at Patrick’s Pet Care to adjust a dog’s behavior. Ignore Bad Behavior Like we mentioned

Popville, September 8, 2017: Patrick’s Pet Care Opening 2nd Location in Brookland

Thank you to Popville for featuring us! Read the original article here. Patrick’s Pet Care Opening 2nd Location in Brookland by Prince Of Petworth  September 8, 2017 at 2:30 pm 3509 12th Street, NE courtesy Patrick’s Pet Care From a press release: “Patrick’s Pet Care, a leading pet services company in Washington D.C., today announced the grand opening of its second location

Top Rated Patrick’s Pet Care Expands DC Service into Brookland

September 6, 2017 BROOKLAND, NE DC—  Patrick’s Pet Care, a leading pet services company in Washington D.C., today announced the grand opening of its second location in Brookland, NE. Located at 3509 12th Street NE. This new locale will bring a medium-to-large dog day school and overnight center to the Brookland community. Not your typical day care, the day school

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