August 17, 2018

Happy Bikers? Happier Pups!

Featured image for “Happy Bikers? Happier Pups!”

If you live in our service area, you’ve likely seen one of our caretakers zip by on a bike while commuters in cars slog along in traffic. It’s no surprise why so many of our caretakers opt to bike in the city. Biking proves to be one of the fastest ways to get around town.

But there are more benefits than just a faster commute when biking. Recent studies illustrate that commuters who bike are generally happier than their automobile-bound colleagues. In our line of work, working with animals who are attuned to our feelings, happy commuters make for happier dogs. That is why we were pleased to recently accept the 2018 Bike-Friendly Workplace award for a small business from the District Department of Transportation’s goDCgo initiative.

At Patrick’s Pet Care, our caretakers are given a free Capital Bikeshare membership to use both at and outside of work. For caretakers that need to cover lots of ground, we maintain a fleet of Riide e-bikes to help keep their legs fresh as they get across town. And we cover the cost of routine bike maintenance for employees who use their own bicycles.

Ultimately, we know that giving your pets the best possible care requires making Patrick’s Pet Care a good place to work. And that’s why bike benefits are just one of the perks offered to our employees.

So the next time you’re stuck in traffic, and a person wearing a blue t-shirt emblazoned with the Patrick’s “P” whizzes by you in the bike lane, know that there’s a dog nearby whose day is about to get a bit brighter.

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