10 Best Dog Grooming Services in Washington, D.C.

The benefits of regular grooming go beyond aesthetics (although there’s nothing wrong with wanting your dog to look its best). Grooming services also are vital for a dog’s comfort and well-being, helping to ward off ticks, skin diseases, and excessive shedding. 

The demands of everyday life, however, can leave owners with no time to do the grooming themselves. Thankfully, there are organizations ready to help and provide your dog with a happy, pampered life.

Also, while groomers are not veterinarians the fact that they have such personal contact with your dog in the daily day-to-day of their job on a regular basis can dramatically increase the chances of catching a tumor, infection, or other affliction early enough to mention it to you so you can bring it to the attention of your veterinarian for diagnosis. Most grooming customers see their groomer once every four to eight weeks while they only see their veterinarian once a year.

1. Patrick’s Pet Care

Columbia Heights and Brookland, Washington D.C.

Patrick’s Pet Care specializes in force-free humane grooming practices. The professionals at Patrick’s Pet Care take their time to follow your instructions and groom your dog to your complete satisfaction without fear or force. In addition, consumer loyalty is thoroughly rewarded at Patrick’s Pet Care, with existing patrons of any one of their services, receiving discounts across the board. That consumer commitment extends to customer service as well, ensuring you and your dog share the same satisfaction after a visit.

2. Masterpiece Canine Spa

H. Street Corridor, Washington, D.C.

Whether your pup needs a new look or just a simple trim, Masterpiece Canine Spa knows how to bring out your dog’s best features. Even the rowdiest of canines will find themselves lulled into a state of tranquility by the salon’s calming atmosphere, creating a positive experience for everyone involved.

3. Wagtime

Shaw, Washington, D.C.

Recognizing that each client has a particular fashion preference, Wagtime offers a wide variety of groomers. Each staff member has a distinct approach to the grooming process, so you’ll never lack options when servicing your pup.

4. Sniffs & Wiggles

Park View, Washington, D.C.

Sniffs & Wiggles is the go-to option for dogs that dislike car travel, working out of a mobile grooming station that brings top-tier services straight to the clients. As a result, your pup is guaranteed to receive full attention from the groomer throughout the appointment, leading to a high-quality experience.

5. Barkley Square

Falls Church, VA

Barkley Square’s full range of grooming services ensures you’re bound to find a style you love. Its groomers even offer specialty cuts for owners looking to give their dog a distinct flair in the city. Gourmet treats also are available, giving pets just as much reason to look forward to appointments as their owners!

6. Doozydog Club

U Street, Washington, D.C.

Doozydog’s HydroSurge™ bathing service is tailored for optimal coat penetration across all breeds, allowing their groomers to exfoliate even the most matted of coats. From there, the club’s team of expert groomers will dry your pup by hand in order to prepare them for a day of relaxation.

7. Life of Riley

Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C.

Focused on providing a purely luxurious experience for its four-legged patrons, Life of Riley has made spa services a cornerstone of its business. Extensively-experienced groomers are paired with state-of-the-art stations in order to create a top-tier luxury encounter.

8. Fur-Get Me Not

Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C.

Most grooming services take on the task themselves; however, Fur-Get Me Not focuses on engaging owners in the process. While the business provides the location and supplies, the actual grooming is a DIY process for owners, allowing owners to give their pup the personal touch that only they can provide. Once your dog’s spick and span, you can take them home, while Fur-Get Me Not’s staff handles cleanup.

9. City Dogs

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.

City Dogs is equipped to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes, with a well-versed team of professionals ready to tailor their services to your dog’s needs. Whether that means a stop-and-go grooming or an in-depth treatment, your dog will feel safe and sound in these groomers’ hands.

10. DC Dog Sitter

Downtown, Washington, D.C.

Owners with particularly demanding schedules should consider DC Dog Sitter for their pet’s grooming needs. The company offers a chauffeur service that picks up its furry clientele directly from your home, then returns them safely after services are done. Their use of organic products also makes them ideal for pets with allergies to certain chemicals.