Get to Know One of Our Longest Customers: Winnie

In our five-years of business we’ve been privileged to meet hundreds of dogs. One of our longest dog-walking customers is Winnie. With her easy-going manner and signature floppy-ear, Winnie is impossible not to love. We spoke with her owners Alex and Lia to find out more about their dog-owning experience.

Their Adoption Experience

When Lia and Alex decided to get a dog, they knew they wanted to adopt because there are so many animals in need of a home. Through an animal rescue service they were able to find the perfect dog for them, and on Valentine’s Day 2014, Winnie became part of their family.

Life in the City

While hesitant about keeping a dog in a typical DC-apartment, Lia and Alex found that through long walks and visits to dog parks Winnie gets plenty of exercise. They also include Winnie on their own excursions: she’s been to the the U.S. Senate, the National Arboretum, the Eastern Shore, and is looking forward to trying some dog-friendly ice cream in their neighborhood this summer.

As is common in DC, Lia and Alex work long hours. They decided to hire a dog-walker when Winnie was still a puppy and needed to release some energy during the day. Even now that she’s a full-grown dog, Winnie benefits from mid-day exercise and socialization. Lia commented on why she has continued relying on Patrick’s Pet Care for Winnie’s walks: “We love the daily notes we receive from our walkers, we love that we get photos of her with her BFFs Mara, Jefe and Thambi and we love that each of the walkers we’ve had over the years seems to genuinely care about Winnie.”

A Happy Family

Since her adoption, Winnie has become an essential part of the family. She greets her parents everyday when they come home from work with a wagging tail, ready to snuggle. Lia concluded, “She makes our family feel complete and we both agree that getting a dog was the best decision we’ve made.”

Do You Want to Adopt?

If you’re interested in adopting a dog like Winnie, come to our upcoming adoption event on Columbia Heights Day, June 17th. From 12 PM – 3 PM the Humane Rescue Alliance will be at our day care with adoptable pups.



Patrick’s Pet Care Launches Pet Transportation Service

May 31, 2017

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS, NW, DC—  Patrick’s Pet Care, a leading pet services company in Washington D.C., today announced  it will offer pet transportation services throughout the DMV area, making it one of the first DC pet care company to do so.  The service is taking off June 1st, 2017.

‘Pet Force One,’ the company’s new van, is designed to provide safe, reliable access to key locations like the vet, groomer or airport. It features the latest pet-friendly climate control, individualized and private transport spaces with filtered water dispensers, and gps-tracking. Recently named Best of DC in a city-wide survey, Patrick’s Pet Care has become a leader in the DC dog-walking, pet-sitting, and pet-boarding industry.

“This expansion into pet transportation will fill a much needed service in the District, allowing pet owners to benefit from high-quality services, regardless of their location or ability to travel,” says owner and general manager Patrick Flynn. “Not having a car should not prevent someone from having the loving companionship of a pet.”

Ultimately, this transportation service means no part of the city is off-limits for pet owners. Whether that’s a visit to a dog trainer, the airport, or Patrick’s small dog day care, Pet Force One will get your pet there, fast and in style.

About Patrick’s Pet Care

Patrick’s Pet Care is a rapidly growing dog-walking, pet-sitting and pet-transportation firm with a small-dog day care based in Columbia Heights, Washington, D.C. and plans to open a dog day school in Brookland, NE this fall. In its fifth year of operation, the firm services more than 140 customers daily in 15 neighborhoods. Since its inception, Patrick’s Pet Care has focused on providing environmental-friendly, reliable, and personalized animal care. The company uses ”Pet Check Technology” which includes GPS-tracking for walks, online scheduling and billing, making it easier than ever to help care for pets in real-time. By maintaining  high standards of customer care, Patrick’s Pet Care can expand its services without losing their community-focused spirit. Along with a five star rating on Yelp, Patrick’s Pet Care was voted “Best of DC” in 2017 by Washington City Paper. To find out more, visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Jane Garfinkel

This release was featured in: DCist, Prince of Petworth 

Columbia Heights Dog Park Earth Day Clean Up

What does community mean to you? For 25 Columbia Heights residents, it means venturing out in the pouring rain to clean up Columbia Heights Dog Park on Earth Day. Despite the weather, representatives from District Bridges and the 11th & Bark Organization as well as DC Councilmember Brianne Nadeau arrived to lend a helping hand.

In recent years the Columbia Heights dog park had fallen into disrepair and needed some TLC. Since the park is such an important part of our community we organized an event to clean it up, partially funded by a grant supplied by Columbia Heights ANC 1A.

We arrived at the pcorgi in a rain jacketark bright and early with gray clouds threatening a storm. Despite this, by 8:30 AM a crowd of volunteers had gathered, eager to get to work. Some removed trash and old toys, while others reinforced the fencing that protects small dogs from escaping the park. Neighborly Lawns led the largest project: installing a drainage tube to prevent rainwater from seeping mud onto the pavement. As everyone set about their tasks, tunes blasted from speakers brought by volunteers.

Two benches were donated, giving park attendees a place to lounge as their pups romp in the park. Patrick himself cut the overgrown grasses around the perimeter and set up a water cistern along the back side of the park, meaning dogs will have a sustainable water source for the upcoming hot summer. By the end of the morning, the park was looking beautiful.volunteers painting bench

After hours of hard work in the rain, volunteers returned to Patrick’s day care to feast on pizza donated by RedRocks pizzeria. Regardless of the damp conditions, the clean up was successful thanks to everyone who gave their support.

Leo Bosner, a regular park-goer and volunteer said, “The dog park is a fun place and a wonderful social setting where people can unwind and relax with their dogs, their friends, and their dogs’ friends too!  The cleanup was great, and my thanks to Patrick’s for sponsoring it.”

To Patrick, organizing events like this one is an important part of being a local business. “It’s part of my company’s mission to partner with the communities we serve. Projects like this enable us to honor that goal.”

Before and After:  

after picture

Our Story

Baby Patrick with his first cat, “Peep.”

Patrick’s Pet Care founder, Patrick Flynn, has been an animal lover since before he could walk. He grew up in a household known for taking in unwanted pets and providing a safe, loving home for them. There was rarely a time growing up when Patrick’s house didn’t have an extra animal (or five). Often the visitors were dogs and cats, but there were also appearances by other species like birds, hamsters, fish, snakes, and once a very large snapping turtle. Patrick’s family even took care of horses a few times – but they didn’t stay with them! Not all of the animals that Patrick’s family cared for were cute, cuddly and well behaved. Some had been abused, some had been taught bad habits, and some were just mean. But over the years Patrick learned that if you provide consistent, humane treatment and really communicate with the animal, even the most frustrating cases will cooperate.

Patrick with “Wooly Bear”

First Memories

One of Patrick’s very first memories is sitting on the screened-in front porch with his mom at his childhood home, surrounded by a sea of newspaper and a litter of German Shepherd puppies who had been left in a box on the side of the road. The puppies were nursed until healthy and then, when old enough, neutered, spayed, house trained and given away to loving homes- except the runt of the litter who joined Patrick’s family and was named “Wooly Bear.”

The Right Path

The first logo c. 2012

After graduating from Georgetown University, Patrick felt obligated to follow a “traditional” career path, but growing up, going away to college, and starting a professional life in Washington left him missing a life full of animals. Once he realized he could have a career in animal care, that obligation faded away. One night in January 2012, Patrick mentioned his plan to start a dog walking business to a friend, a cartoon artist. Before the end of dinner she had sketched a logo for the new venture.

A Humble Beginning

Sam and Patrick

Patrick’s Pet Care formally began in March 2012 in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC. Patrick put up a Facebook post with the new logo offering dog walking services to his friends, knowing they would trust him and his animal expertise.

In less than a year Patrick was walking dogs seven days a week as one friend after another asked Patrick for his services. Eventually he simply couldn’t take on any more responsibility and in May 2013 Patrick’s Pet Care hired its first employee, Sam. In the following few years, Patrick focused on providing the very best care for pets, the best service for customers, and the best place to work for his staff. By May of 2015 Patrick’s pet care had grown to a staff of ten, serving more than 125 homes per day across the District.

5 Years of Family

Patricks Pet Care - Day Care location after renovation

Patrick’s Pet Care – Day Care location after renovation

Patricks Pet Care - Day Care location before renovation

Patrick’s Pet Care – Day Care location before renovation

In April 2016 Patrick’s Pet Care opened a dog day care just down the street from where it first started in Columbia Heights.

In April 2017 Patrick’s Pet Care rebranded, launching a new logo and new website while remaining the same company, focused on top quality care and service.

Today, Patrick’s Pet Care continues to grow every day with dog walking, boarding, transportation, and training services for clients not just in Columbia
Heights but all over the District of Columbia, with plans to expand into Virginia and Maryland. As the company continues to grow it remains committed to serving clients and pets with special needs–the aged, the infirm and the just plain cranky–inspired by where it all began.



The rebranded logo c. 2016